Raising the Evil Arab ‘Boogie Man’ Again

As we watch this week’s line-up of international Season Premieres with anticipation for their possible ‘false flag’ to start the civil unrest, we are not hearing anything more about the ‘right wing terrorists.’
It makes me wonder why that is?  You see, I question everything.  But DHS and Janet have been really quiet about all us ‘Constitutionalists’ and ‘white nationalists’ after the huge march on Washington that was peaceful, considerate, neat and orderly. 
WE ARE THE VAST MAJORITY so they can not villify one of us at this time.  They would only enrage all of us into a solid wall of resistance rather than the chaos they desire most.
So when I look at my email box this week, I notice a very peculiar thing: the ‘Muslim Terrorist’ is back.  Whipped up by a scheduled march on Washington of a projected 50,000 Muslims (of course bussed in and so they are numbered already) on Sep 25, Christian Patriots are fomenting the fear of this evil again.
How many times have we heard about the threat of ‘Jihad’ and the subsequent suicide bombers inside our malls or schools, etc.  And, yet we have not seen one?  Have we?  If you have done any research on 9/11, you might by now realize the 19 Muslim terrorists did NOT fly these planes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.  As much as it pains me to be on the side of Rosie O’Donnell on any issue, I am now. 
I was living in the United Arab Emirates and watched the second plane fly into the tower in realtime with most of America.  For the next 7 and a half years, I would believe that Arabs had perpetrated this horrific crime.  Though I knew for sure it was not any Arabs like the ones I worked with daily (I have lived 7 years in the Middle East with 2 of them in Saudi Arabia).  I continued to move about freely all throughout the Middle East (with the exception of Syria) with the only threat coming from the wealthiest of folks (part of the global elites).  I was never threatened by an average Arab or muslim though I stuck out considerably as American.
But the preponderance of evidence proving 9/11 was not done by these 19 muslims has changed my opinion today.  Still, with the help of the Council on Foreign Relations’ controlled media, on the behalf of the global elites, most American Christians have bought into the lie of 9/11 and the CIA-generated idea of ‘Jihad.’  Read here how Osama worked for the US until 9/11.
Then this week we see some new ‘Muslim terrorists’ pop up in the media with plans of buildings to blow up.  Anyone who has been watching the media selling the government’s propaganda has been expecting them to use the ‘right-wing terrorists’ for a false flag, but the March on Washington made this impossible for folks to believe. 
So put the new ‘terrorist’ bust next to the upcoming Muslim march in Washington and you have Patriot Christians afraid of another 9/11!!  Christians who have bought into the government’s story that “Muslims hate Americans,” and thanks to the CIA and CIA operative, Tim Osman (aka Osama Bin Laden) there are some that do.  (See Video, Fake Al Qaeda Terrorists Exposed)
You see it is easy to plant the seeds of division among people when you have the media control.  Americans should be aware of the way they further divided us:  Liberal vs. Conservative, Democrat vs. Republican, etc.   
So I ask you to research 9/11 a bit more and then watch the perfect timing of their ‘terrorist’ captures for the desired effect among the Patriot movement.  If there is one things that I will not tolerate for myself, it is doing what they want me to.  Because if I do that, my liberty is gone.    
When you start to see the NWO through the prism of the past in light of what we know today, there has not been one war that was started between two common men living in different countries.  We have been pawns of this illusion for far too long.  Those in power are the enemies.  We need every able-bodied person who is God-fearing to fight against this tyranny across the globe.  And in experiencing liberty, the liberty based in our Christian heritage, we have shared Christ with others.  Who can resist this?  
Still the story may not be contained in even a ‘muslim terrorist’ false flag this week.  There are more interesting pieces falling into place regarding the Israel-Iran nuclear issue (update here) and the planting of a seed regarding ‘Barack’ being taken out with a ‘ring-wing terrorist’ to blame.  We have always considered this a possibility that would instantly start racial riots. 
According to a document Obama signed on August 6, 2009, Janet Napolitano would take over as ‘president.’  One might wonder why they would want to do so right after Obama becomes President of the United Nations Security Council as well.  DHS, however, already IS the arm of the United Nations.  Perhaps she is the one more qualified to bring on the vicious mandatory vaccinations, martial law and other atrocities.
Stay tuned. Change continues.

Response for an Oath-Keeping Free People:

Are you calling for a combined Million Arab/Muslim and so-called “right-wing nut” March on Washington?  Because thats what it sounds like to me!  I’m down!  All the pissed off Arab/Muslims in this country who are tired of being accused of being a part of some terrorist organization and all the Freedom Loving Constitutionalists who are tired of being named as so-called “right-wing radical nuts” should all join forces for a super march on Washington DC. That will show them all that enough is enough!  Yea, I like that idea. 

Free People – We say it will REALLY piss off those global elites!!!!  And will share the liberty America is best known for!!

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