Modeling Appropriate Behavior

Capital Alert for H1N1 Outbreak, By Jordy Yager, The Hill, Sep 21, 2009

Neither the Senate SAA nor the House SAA is planning to offer testing for members or staff. Instead they are planning to treat any flu-like symptoms as if it is the H1N1 strain, and are advising staff to consult their primary care physician. The Senate is planning to provide masks for senators and staff. 

Mask Alt.Free People – This is all a ploy to get us into the ‘fear’ mode regarding the Swine Flu.  Can’t you just see Nancy sharing one of these with Harry?  Can they make ones that cover their whole face?  Or maybe a muffle so we don’t have to listen to their lies.  Oh!  We don’t watch TV anyway.  No worries!

The real issue here is they are using seasonal flu numbers to alarm and scare AND justify LEVEL 6 – MARTIAL LAW!

See Active Alert #4 for proof this is what they are doing per a witness from a South Carolina clinic HERE.


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