First Premiere of the New Viewing Season

Sep 20 – Chinese flag is flown behind White House.  See VIDEO HERE  We’re ALL Communists now. 


See Full Article:  Season Premiere Week and Global Government

Tomorrow Night:  Watch for the Cast of Characters to start arriving for the G20 Summit, not to mention Obama taking over as President of the UN Security Council.  Protests have already started:

Pittsburgh Protestors Demand G20 Do More For Jobs, By Michelle Nichols, Reuters, Sept 20, 2009       Among the signs carried, “Will Work for Bonus–$1 million a minute!”

All week keep an eye on the build-up to a False Flag with the “Arab-looking” guys in Colorado, etc.  They have been known to use Jewish folks to play these roles.  When we saw that nose… well, let’s just say that’s one that would make the mothers of Woody Allen, Jason Segel, and Adam Goldberg proud!!  Get a good look!  Maybe we are just cynical, but if the media tells us one thing, we can almost bet the opposite is true.

Terror Suspect:  “Our Phone Call is Being Monitored”,  CNN, Contributors Kathleen Johnston and Alona Rivord, Sep 20


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