LA Times Runs Story on Oath Keepers

But NOT about the Oath Keepers group in Southern California (SoCal).  Hat tip:  SCMLA

Oath Keepers organizer sees need to sound an alarm
Rand Cardwell drums up support for an antigovernment group whose views illustrate the disconnect that has come to define popular political discourse
 in President Obama’s first tumultuous year.
Richard Fausset,, September 18, 2009

Reporting from Farragut, Tenn. – There would be no screaming at Rand Cardwell’s meeting tonight, no histrionics, no playing to the cameras. The atmosphere was PTA. Garden Club. Kiwanis.  More HERE

Free People – “Anti-government” is only correct if that government violates the Constitution.  When a government does that, they are the “anti-goverment” folks because WE THE PEOPLE ARE the government.


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