Why is this important to EVERYONE and NOT JUST folks in LA?  From what we have seen, LA is the leading tip of the spear.  We can all learn their methods from watching how they do it in LA and other parts of CA.  This government, from Congress, has been pouring clean water back into the ocean to save a minnow!  They have reduced the farming water in the valleys to 10% of what it used to be!!  And the farms are now Dust Bowls.  Now we have water mains breaking all over Los Angeles County.  A bit too much of a coincidence for a government whose plan is to force “Sustainable Development” on us.  This plan would basically bring our country back to being fuedal farmers on the land.  There are a few ways they can accomplish this:  1) environmental mismanagement, as in LA; or 2) an Electro-Magnetic Pulse, which we are now totally vulnerable to after the decrease in funding for our defensive missile shield.  What are they doing in your community that might add up to impending chaos, doom, loss of life and, therefore, more control?

POSTED 13 HOURS AGO!!!  THE WRITER OF THIS BLOG WAS IN LA UNTIL JUNE and can attest to the heavy, heavy helicopter activity.  Just search for martial law alerts on this site or black helos.  She was even struck with a microwave weapon (from one of those VietNam era helicopters the Sheriff’s Dept is flying in this video) in her apartment within the jurisidiction of the LAPD after contacting Los Angeles County Sheriff, Leroy D. Baca to endorse Oath Keepers.  We guess he is NOT an Oath Keeper after all!!! 

  • Supporting Details:
  • Water Main Break – Below
  • Dust Bowl/ Food Shortages – HERE
  • Martial Law Alerts – May/Jun;    Jul/Aug;   Sep  (on right)


Broken water main floods Topanga Canyon Boulevard
Jessica Garrison,, September 17, 2009

Topanga Canyon Boulevard in Canoga Park was shut down during the busy afternoon commute today after yet another broken water main flooded the street and sent dirty brown water pouring into nearby businesses.

The break — the fourth major gusher this week — occurred just before 3 p.m. in a 12-inch pipe under Topanga near Victory Boulevard.

Topanga is a major state highway connecting the 101 and 118 freeways, and some city officials predicted traffic chaos. Councilman Dennis P. Zine, who represents the area, said he wants the city Department of Water and Power to figure out what is going on beneath the streets — and fast.

Earlier this week, DWP officials said the city had been experiencing significantly more “major blowouts” in water pipes in the last three months. They said they don’t yet know why. In recent days, broken water mains have flooded portions of Studio City, created a sinkhole in Valley Village so big it almost swallowed a firetruck and flooded streets and damaged property around the city.

“Why is this happening?” Zine said. “We need to get answers…. Every day we hear of another one breaking.” The latest break cut water to about 50 customers, according to DWP officials.

It follows breaks earlier this week in the same area, including one on Corbin Avenue in Warner Center and another on Burbank Boulevard in Winnetka.

“It looks like a filthy, brown river,” said Shawn James, 43, who drove by the intersection about 3 p.m. and said he noticed water gushing out of a hole in the middle of the pavement.

Gov’t stands by as mercury taints water  

NEW IDRIA, Calif. — Abandoned mercury mines throughout central California’s rugged coastal mountains are polluting the state’s major waterways, rendering fish unsafe to eat and risking the health of at least 100,000 impoverished people.  More HERE

Let me be honest: When I get hungry, I walk into the kitchen, wash an apple, slice it and slap some peanut butter on it. Or sometimes I grab a can of almonds, pour a few in my hand and enjoy a little healthy snack. But, never do I think about where the foods are grown or how much work went into growing them. Recently that changed when Chase (“Hannity” producer) and I flew out to Fresno, California. We spent days visiting farms where nearly 300 crops (fruits, veggies and most nuts) are produced. It was quite a site. We flew above miles and miles of gorgeous, almond orchards and talked with farmers about different issues affecting our foods. The main concern and the reason for our research is this: Nearly 40,000 farmers in the Central Valley are unemployed because a judge ordered to turn off the irrigation system in order to save a small fish, which is endangered. The minnow is called the Delta Smelt and it lives in the water, which is pumped into the San Joaquin Valley. Environmentalists complained and a judge ordered the pumps be turned off. But, no water means no crops and no jobs. In turn, farmers are making tough decisions. They are losing their farms (in some circumstances third generation farms) and forced to fire the workers. Food banks can’t keep shelves stocked because of all the needy families and eventually, farmers say, you and I will feel the effects. We will be forced to eat fruits, veggies and nuts from other countries (with few regulations, pesticides, etc). Most farmers are screaming “fish over family” and they are stressed, frustrated and fearful. But, environmentalists say the fish needs to be protected and without it the entire ecosystem is in danger. They want the fish to stay in its natural surroundings, not moved to another pond (aka not supposed to be there). It’s a fascinating story and one that will take a long time to work out. But, no doubt, something has to be done. Watch the story tonight on “Hannity” at 9 PM EST. I’ll be on set with Sean discussing the issue. Thanks for watching! – Ainsley Earhardt, FOX NEWS

Something smells FISHY!  Blame a forced famine on a minnow?  Please?  This is only the Sustainabilist’s BS cover story!

Sean Hannity interviews Congressman Devin Nunes and Actor/Comedian Paul Rodriguez. A California Central Valley town (Huron) has lost it productivity because of the Endangered Species Act that protects minnows. Farmers and Farmworkers are now losing farms and jobs because the government shutdown a water pump station. Where is the United Farmworkers Union ? Ceasar Chavez is rolling in his grave. Delores Huerta, where are you !!!


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