Global Governance ALERT! Prez Goes Global!

Regarding our President assuming the role at the head of the U.N. Security Council, a supporter of beginning the 2nd American Republic (as we Free People do as well, see Declaration of Independence, Ver 2.0 HERE) says here:

The UN is an unlawful body because it is not a treaty. And treaties are the only thing that the federal government can participate in. The UN is a governing body that has a legislature, an executive and a judicial branch. It is another government. No nation can join this body without dissolving itself, for none of the people that formed the nations agreed to place any of their authority in a UN or United Nations. No one can delegate any authority to someone that the people have not placed it. Therefore even the participation of the United States in the UN dissolves the United States.
The president of the United States, if he were eligible in the first place, cannot serve as a President of the United States and serve in another government with three branches of government without further dissolving the United States. Please see John Locke on the means of dissolving a government.
Financial Times: Posted Sep 9, 2009

Obama to Chair U.N. Security Council

For the first time, a sitting American president will chair the 15-member U.N. Security Council when Obama heads to the September 24 summit on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament. The U.S. envoy to the U.N. said that the council had “a very important role to play in preventing the spread and use of nuclear weapons,” the Financial Times reports, signaling a change from the Bush-era attitude that the UN was principally out to endorse its own unilateral policies. During the week of the summit, Obama may have occasion to run into Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whom he gave until September to respond to the U.S. offer of negotiations. Likewise, Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi is due to address the General Assembly on the same day as Obama, and could attend the nuclear summit Obama will chair.Read it at Financial Times
Posted at 9:32 AM, Sep 9, 2009
Free People:  The reason that was likely given to the inner circles in Washington is that when the US signed the UN Charter, they had ALREADY surrendered their sovereignty (as per the objective of the Council on Foreign Relations, Soro’s “Open Border” policy, etc.). 
Not much was said in the US regarding Obama’s overseas donations except that they were ignored and they said they had scrubbed their donor list.  But this acceptance of international funds was a signal to all those in the ‘know’ globally that the UN had installed the US’s ‘president.’  The Mason’s ‘capstone’ was in place (as I can surmise it). 
Since Obama moved to the White House, we have seen unbelieveable releases of intelligence/strategies/equipment, etc. that were all a part of the US’s national security.  But the bulk of the bailout money went offshore as well.  Many believe Hillary has promised the Chinese either California or the right to imminent domain of any assets within the US if we ‘default’ on their fraudulent ‘Bailout’ scam.  As the above End-the-Fedder has said, “We didn’t HAVE to End the Fed, they did it themselves by transferring everything over to the IMF per their plan!”
All that remains to be seen is the ceremony and the NWO/Global Governance Gurus/Illuminati do love their ceremonies.  And they especially love the fact that only those in their inner circles can fathom the depth of the meaning.  Which is to say both the depth of the deception and the depth of the power they have usurped in the process. 
Say, “good-bye” to America.  Wash your hands of the fraud of the Federal Reserve and resolve to NEVER AGAIN support such unConstitutional, anti-inalienable rights programs as the Federal Reserve and the IRS. 

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