WATER ALERT in CA – There’s a Leak!

Two more L.A. water mains burst overnight, bringing more questions, Jessica Garrison, LATimes.com, September 16, 2009

Two more water mains broke overnight in the San Fernando Valley, the latest in a rash of problems hitting L.A.’s water system.

The first break occurred around 2:30 a.m. on Corbin Avenue in Warner Center, sending water into the street. The second break occurred around 4:30 a.m. on Burbank Boulevard in Winnetka.

Both incidents are under investigation.

Underground water pipes in Los Angeles have suffered significantly more “major blowouts” in the last three months, officials confirmed Tuesday after analyzing dozens of ruptures, some of which flooded streets, damaged vehicles and buildings and, in once case, created a sinkhole so big that it almost swallowed a firetruck.

And the city’s engineers don’t know why.

It could be fluctuating temperatures. It could be a statistical anomaly. It could be something else.

“It’s strange,” said William Robertson, general manager of the Bureau of Street Services, which repaves the ruined roads after the water recedes. “The thing that is puzzling is they are so spread out . . . all over the city. You can’t link them to anything.”  More HERE  Video HERE


SCMLA – This is a newspaper report & we’re including it in our Suspicious Activity Report! series, because we find this sudden spate of water pipe breakages extremely suspicious & ominous
Remember, the powers that be love to forecast what they’re about to do to you.
People, what will you do if the entire water system shuts down?

Please, please, please, stock up on bottled water & — even better — fill 55-gallon barrels NOW.

Free People – Could be earthquake related, but not usually so many all at once.  Either way, for LA planning purposes authorities advised 6 MONTHS worth of water and food stored for any potential emergency.  It could take that long for services to be restored in some places!!


One Response to “WATER ALERT in CA – There’s a Leak!”

  1. MarineInfantrVet Says:

    Bottled water is not the answer – store in glass cannery jars, it may be harder to manage but it is dramatically safer for your health.

    Plastic leaches dioxins into water, dioxins that cause cancer, especially in women


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