URGENT ALERT!! Vaccine Checkpoints!

URGENT ALERT!!!   Make this Viral!  From an Oath Keeper at great risk!  Our Constitution is inspired by God’s truths and that IS the real Oath!

CA – Near Los Angeles, From a military member (National Guard or Reserve) who just came off drill weekend.  Starts Oct 15 (round 1) and then Nov 15 (round 2).


3 Responses to “URGENT ALERT!! Vaccine Checkpoints!”

  1. I wish she had not been on camera.

    • freepeopleontheland Says:

      Maybe we will remove the video and only give the text, but its powerful as she is an Oath Keeper. But, as she knows this is spiritual battle against the forces of darkness, the light is where we need to make a stand. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

  2. MarineInfantrVet Says:

    the devices she has listed on her youtube video are just infrared beacons – they are not new, we’ve had them for 6 years at least (we had them in the invasion of Iraq), they run on a 9-volt battery and they don’t have any GPS tracking abilities – they are just blinking lights, but they are in the infrared spectrum so they can only be seen with NVGs.

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