Bug-Out-Bag Contents

A few days ago we posted an URGENT ALERT some a Free People near Phoenix, AZ.  We have not been able to contact them since.  They were advising folks to leave if they needed to.  So a friend of ours, “Bones,” prepared this list.  Follow this link HERE for many links to resources.

First, I want you all to think of Katrina or the L.A. riots while you’re
reading this. Providing I’ve interpreted the data properly, at almost             any time within the next six months to a year, those are the types of scenarios we’l be seeing all across America. In any case, it isn’t a             matter of outcomes, it’s merely a matter of details and timing. It isn’t              a matter of “if” it will happen, it’s just a question of “when” it will happen.

It’s probably time to review your Get Out Of Dodge plans, check your        grab bags, double-check your routes of egress, travel arrangements           and vehicle maintenance, etc, and then check arrangements and            supplies at your ‘final objective.’

I have a small ’emergency’ grab bag and a few hand tools in the coat        closet right beside the door. Those tools include a machete, a                 double-bit ax, a set of long-handled pruning loppers and a set of                 hand loppers. Just a few steps outside the front door, I have a                     long-handled shovel, a garden rake and a leaf rake. With those tools (including a few hundred feet of construction string), I can build a        damned nice little ’emergency’ earth-shelter home out in the                  boonies and stay warm in -40 degree weather or stay dry in the                 worst thundershower. …oh…and stuff fer startin’ a fire.

The location merely requires a water source …and a place to build                 an outdoor privy [toilet]. If I throw my garden seeds in that grab bag, come spring, I can build an enclosed garden wherever I’m at, plant,           grow, harvest, and get ready for the next winter. …or have those seeds, blankets, tarps and tools ready to contribute to the ‘pool’ of resources wherever we bug out to. (Even a relatively small urban center such as    Rapid City is no place to be in an EOTWAWKI scenario.)

With that grab bag, I can be out the door in five minutes or less.

In a few days, the wife and I will be putting together our ‘secondary’           grab bags, with a few clothes and some other odds and ends,                 including a couple of old tarps we have laying around. (Basicallya           couple of makeshift backpacks stocked as if we were preparing for a     ‘camping trip.’)

A ‘tertiary’ grab bag or two will include things like pillows, extra          blankets, a pot, a pan, a couple of plates, a small grill, and the odd         kitchen utensil or two. Toss in some canned goods, dried goods and      such… I can put that together on the run with an hour’s notice.

If you happen to be someone’s ‘final objective’ in their G.O.O.D. plans,           it’s time to double-check your supplies and preparations in readiness           for their arrival. Extra pillows, bedding and blankets, winter clothing, toothbrushes, soap, ammo, tools, first-aid gear, gardening supplies,             rearrange the furniture to make room for the extra bodies, clean out           the garage, shed and the basement, etc., etc., etc. (If you don’t need                 it for extra storage, you’ll need it for extra living quarters.)

Keep well in mind, that, to a great extent, ‘duty assignments’ – division           of labor – can only be made with the cooperation of others. e.g., you probably don’t want that master carpenter playing in the garden when there’s things to be built or repaired, unless those extra hands in the    garden are absolutely necessary. That said, there are times in a           vegetable garden when it’s “all hands on deck” and to hell with what             else needs to be fixed or repaired, especially at harvest time… Onna        other hand, there’s times when things need to be fixed and the garden         can look after itself for awhile.

Another example:   You probably don’t want the best cook in the            ‘family’ playing babysitter all day…or else he or she simply won’t                have the time or energy to cook for everyone.

Everyone helps wth everything, but everyone focuses on what they’re    good at and what they can do best within their physical limitations. However, immediate priorities always trump specialities. Remember:         It’s all about the proper attitude. So, it boils down to communication          and mutual cooperation… or people will die. Survival is about      cooperation, but it also about limiting the physical risks that you take           as individuals and as a group. Be safe.

Sick, lame or lazy, everyone *will* have to carry their own weight.               For ‘guests’ in other people’s homes and bunkers, it won’t be a matter              of ‘if you don’t work, you don”t eat.’ It is much simpler than that:          Whether it’s gardening, planting, harvesting and storage of foods or   whether it’s preparing defensive and offensive plans and structures,                 if you don’t work, there won’t *be* anything to eat. It either won’t be        there because you didn’t prepare it, or else a roving gang will steal it         from you because you weren’t  ready to defend yourself.

The references and resources I’ve enclosed below are for your     convenience and are meant to assist you in doing your own research          and preparations. The material includes everything from emergency wilderness survival to gardening and home defense. (If the urls are        broken when you get this, stop and think for a minute, please. You can       cut and paste them back together, then paste them to your internet       search engine. Unless the page or website has gone offline, it always     works.  Links for Resources HERE


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