‘Masking’ the Numbers

 From a Free People friend in SC:
A few days ago, my wife and I went to the clinic so we could get our prescriptions renewed. While sitting in the waiting room for about an hour and 30 minutes, about ten people came in. A few sat next to my wife and I. Then the receptionist came over to all the new people and gave them a mask to put on and told them to move to the other room. This was the Lexington County Clinic on rout #1 in Gilbert South Carolina.
We were called in, talked to the doctor and he sent in a nurse to take a sample of our blood. I took this occasion to ask the nurse about the masked patients. She said that if someone comes in coughing and has a headache, they automatically get classified as having swine flu.. I ask if it could be any other kind of flu, she said it could be but they want it registered as swine flu. I said who wanted this, and she said the doctors in charge. This place treats about 60 to 70 people a day I estimate and for just the 2 hours I was there, there were over ten  with mask on. If every doctor’s office and every clinic and hospital does this, we will have our pandemic. This will cause Obama to declare Martial Law. The Czars will be in their glory. They will have no Constitution to worry about. 
Is YOUR Doctor an Oath Keeper (Hippocratic)?  Will he/she “do no harm” by refusing to administer the Swine Flu vaccine?  Some places are recommending saying you are ‘allergic’ to ingredients in the vaccine.  We are ALL allergic to mercury (listed as squalene).  Maybe with a letter from your doctor you can have some way to decline the vaccine?  Unlikely foolproof, but something to watch to see if it works.

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