“Its the ECONOMY, Stupid” Local Currency

ItstheEconomyRecycling a very useful phrase from the Clinton-era, which helped him win the White House, seems a bit ironic coming from a patriot today.  But it STILL applies.

While all of the media, and many of our patriot political action committtees, wants us to focus on is the ‘political arena’ rather than the money, we should wonder why that is.  History has always shown that economics dictates and determines politics.  All good market watchers know how to ‘follow the money.’  Even children learn about an allowance before they learn about the party platforms.  Which is really more important in our lives?  The economy or the politics?  Think about that for a minute.

But while we are having this massive shakedown of the US Treasury, the government was leveraging the last US inch of square land to raise more capital for themselves and their contributors, no one was telling us where ALL this MONEY went?

We are hearing plenty of various ideas, but nothing that will really correct our future and restore some semblance of a Republic.  Sure, we have the bloodsport of going after ACORN and we do need to know they are corrupt, but meanwhile the international bankers are implementing a seige against or goods and services across the country that will place a strangehold on each of our lives.  Read more about this in “Walmart’s Tightening Noose.”  The government, in cahoots with the global powers that be, has all of the resources, assets and even the regulations and laws to control almost every bit of our food, our resources like water and our transportation systems. 

Politics is a bloodsport that we all love to watch.  Oh, the drama.  It has all the best makings of a good story:  the hero, the villian, the plot twists and the climaxes that never end they just keeping coming in waves. 

The money leaving went from a trickle to a full-on damn burst washing away the future of our children’s and grandchildren’s in one fell swoop.  And still, the media puppeteers have us focused on the smaller details that we can understand and sink our teeth into and gain some immediate satisfaction from that we are on the right side of this never-ending battle for good, justice and the American way.

All the while, the moneychangers are continuing to put a chokehold on our livelihoods and sustenance.  To keep us focused on politics means they can keep us from worrying about the imminent collapse of the Federal Reserve Note, aka the Dollar.  And soon we will be welcoming the RFID bracelet or chip?

As they are divining the resources into piles for them and nothing for us, we are watching their other hand give us a puppet show.  No one in the national level media (and even local bureaus are owned by the national-level networks who are owned by globalist corporations) is interested in seeing us wean ourselves off the dollar because THEY WOULD BECOME POOR TOO!

We need to learn about this money game–fast!  The Chinese have learned alot.  They have told their own, poor feudalist farmers to BUY GOLD!  Now, Free People doesn’t advocate that so much because in the 1940’s President Franklin Roosevelt collected everyone’s gold to back the US dollar and now the gold is nowhere to be seen.  When was the last time the media showed us Fort Knox?  Did you ever know they moved the gold from there years ago? 

Everyone is looking for the gold.  But if you buy gold today, you are tracked much the same way as anything else making you a target for attack.  We prefer silver or even US coins stocked away as one commenter here suggested. 

The Chinese government has told the Rothschilds’ bankers in London that they want their gold back.  What happens when they can’t turn it over, or won’t?  Perhaps the Chinese will choose to invade the United Kingdom (rather than the US which is one possible agenda of the internationalists), which no longer has guns or much private property, has a massive Big Brother apparatus to contend with, rather than the US, which, for the time being, still has its guns and land and a nearly destroyed Constitution (except not in the minds of Free People who KNOW liberty). 

So while we silly Americans watch the Fix News hosts who are making massive salaries and raking in the money for their Council on Foreign Relations backers, we are NOT learning how to create wealth in our local communities.  We are NOT preparing to defend the very sources that sustain us against government confiscation so it can be appropriated by the real DEATH PANEL–the IMF and the World Bank and their global elite puppeteers.

Yet, how can we collapse this house of cards, this magical illusion (also known as the largest Ponzi Scheme in the history of mankind, and maybe beyond)?  We need to just STOP using their FIAT money!  We need to STOP following their illegitimate, unConstitutional, anti-natural law policies!!

Its that simple.  We keep what we have in our homes and cars.  We set up local currencies offering credit based on the time-value of money (if you can work next week selling your goods or services for a fair market value), your currency board can extend you that line of credit until the work is performed.  Its that easy.  And we stop paying federal income taxes to an illegitimate government doing the bidding of the internationalists and not the constitutional American government–WE THE PEOPLE.

To Establish your Local Currency, you need to find Board Members for a non-profit entity that will oversee the currency process and loan-making.  This entity should be conducted like a school board meeting with the public involved and some process for rotating Board Members.  HERE is a PowerPoint Training Slideshow.  HERE is a sample By-Laws to get you started.

Then you need to determine some basic standards to use for a unit of time and the value of various types of products and services against the time unit.  For example $10 equals one “hour” of time.  Though a highly skilled worker can earn several “hours” for each hour of their labor according to what the market will bear.

The currency board can extend “credit” to folks based on their next week’s worth of work so that you can be paid the first week upfront (provided you can find a source for your product or service).  You can catch up with this credit (which is charged NO INTEREST) when it is comfortable for you to do so.  See how Ithaca Hours HERE works with local businesses to begin accepting their local currency HERE. 

An interest free credit and currency exchange system is nothing more than a complex bartering system.  Once your local county is on board with this new currency, they can collect taxes from the ‘worker’ rather than sending ANYTHING to an illegitimate federal government.  In these taxes should be enough money to care for their elderly in the community.  Churches and other non-profit entities can continue to provide assistance, even using ‘credit’ from the currency board.

This is how we starve the beast.  But the other portion of this plan must be to be able to enforce the new policies.  There may be some working for the federal-level bankers that will try to confiscate the property of your neighbors and fellow free people.  You should decide on some courses of action to discourage this from happening and the best way for us to do that is to get the folks they WOULD HIRE to understand they are helping an illegitimate government perpetrate fiscal enslavement on the people.  No violence must be initiated and should be avoided at almost all costs. 

We have ‘arms’ for defense and NOT offensive use unless your local people consent to some form of it of which is beyond the purpose of this article.

Once you have these local currencies established, Copper Cards HERE, #4 Free People Action Statement, can help us establish a global exchange system that is non-profit and NO INTEREST GLOBALLY!!


2 Responses to ““Its the ECONOMY, Stupid” Local Currency”

  1. “The currency board can extend “credit” to folks based on their next week’s worth of work”

    Jct: I love it but Resolution C6 to Governments in the 2000 Millennium Declaraion to use time-based currency to restructure the global financial architecture offers “credit” to folks based on their next life-time’s worth of work. Children needing medical attention get open credit lines. Losses are divied up over the database.
    Enough with the dinky toys though your 40 Hours worth of credit is an order of magnitude better than Ithaca’s 4 Hours worth of credit. That’s a real dinky toy. safari.com trading of cell-phone minutes in Africa, that’s big. As soon as I can use my cell-phone to transfer minutes in payment, I’ll be depositing my checks at my cell-phone company for minutes, not my bank.

    • freepeopleontheland Says:

      John, appreciate your comment, but as we discussed earlier, folks on this site are not much interested in anything ‘sanctioned’ by the U.N. While your model does work, we do not need, or want, their blessing on it.

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