Russian Intelligence Rumors?

In an email received today, it read, “Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting to Prime Minister Putin today rogue US ‘intelligence’ forces have failed in attempting to assassinate President Obama while his motorcade was enroute to the White House from the Pentagon where he had joined top American Military Officers in remembering the events of Sep 11, 2001 and is being called the ‘Panic on the Potomac’ Affair.” 

It would seem to make more sense than there was some lame drill going on concurrently with 9/11 memorials.  Though a false flag was conceivable as well.  Naturally, the Russians would view it from this perspective with or without much real corroboration.  It would get them considerable mileage to keep Americans on edge.  However, it is certainly possible that elements of our government that do NOT support the current ‘president’s’ agenda would seek some way to elminiate the problem.  But it is just as likely that global elites behind the takedown of America are interested in a bit more ‘chaos’ to assist them with their plans.  Either way, this exercise was NOT what “the Coast Guard’s chief of staff said that there was ‘really no reason’ to provide any advance warning to other law enforcement agencies or the public about the drill, which he called an ‘everyday exercise.'”  More HERE


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