Invasion Training Coming to a Town Near You?

Army Reserve Invades New York Town
WHEC, September 12, 2009

InvasionTrngWe have a warning for everyone in Greece: don’t be alarmed by what you might have seen this morning! Your town was not under attack. We’re not sure there’s a lot of people that know about this, but soldiers have landed in the town today.

It’s a military exercise by the 401st civil affairs battalion — the army reserve unit based in Webster. Chinook and Black Hawk helicopters flew over the city and into Greece to drop the soldiers at the town hall grounds.

After that the soldiers drove around the town in their army humvees. The point is to train. The 401st is a unit that tries to help war torn communities build back up both physically and emotionally.

The soldiers will have one on one meetings with Greece police, public works people, fire fighters and teachers. Those are the same people they meet overseas. The one main concern now is not frightening people.

“It could scare a few people. We have published it in the paper as well as trying to do media broadcasts and everything else to get the word out that we’re just coming as a training exercise,” Major Eric Lampher said. “We’re going out to talk to individuals about their specific expertise.”

People should keep an eye open for the military humvees driving around town as well.

Free People – This was posted in a Rochester, NY online newspaper.  This is old-fashioned PSYOPS here in one of our towns.  If one of these exercises comes to your town, will you take it so lightly.  Will you just watch them stage their entire operations all the while assuming it is ‘just an exercise?”  Please tell us you will resist them taking this step in your town.  Do not even let them offload their equipment before you rally your people to make a stand and tell them, “Thanks, but no thanks.”  Even if our military doesn’t see anything wrong with it, how do we know that once they are set up, they will not receive orders to conduct warrantless searches, gun confiscation, checkpoints, mandatory vaccinations?  Don’t let them enter your city limits, your county lines, etc. without a show of resistance.  They may never leave.  Just ask the Iraqis.


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