Texas Rangers On The Border? Nah, Really?

Now, this is classic ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ stuff going on here.  Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member, Governor Rick Perry of Texas, is sending Texas Rangers to the Border because the Feds aren’t doing enough?  Hmm…

Let’s see how we can unravel the malarkey here.  First, the CFR advocates the ending of national sovereignty because it gets in the way of their global government agenda.  Read this address from one of their recent Presidents:  HERE and read more about CFR in post below. 

Then let’s look at what they are planning on the border with Mexico:  1) They have agreements to use Mexican military on the US side, if needed (for like “civil unrest” or help with drug wars); 2) they want to open up that NAFTA Superhighway, but Americans don’t want it so action down there needs to be covered up with legitimate action–you know, the kind the conservatives have been clamoring for for some time.

Then we have some Phoenix, AZ types very spooked on Friday night (see Urgent Alert below) about brownshirts coming.  We have seen them use the police in Texas just a few months ago to go door-to-door confiscating illegal-type weapons, or weapons that the drug cartels use.  But they violated the Castle Doctrine of good, hard-working Texas citizens all for the sake of preventing some drug gang violence, right?  That could not be more unConstitutional.

But the most telling piece of this pie is that the “Government of the Media,” especially the MSNBC/NBC/GE/Rockefeller version is actually printing this news that sort of slams the administration.  They would only do that if they needed to spin the story this way for their own purposes!! 

So, could they be building up for a ‘just cause’ turned ‘live’ into a false flag that required Mexican troops on our side of the border, spreading of the drug cartel violence so it will provide them cover to round people up out of their homes so they can open up that NAFTA Superhighway that is “internationally-owned” with a Constitution-Free Zone that would allow penetration of foreign troops into the mainland of the US just in time for a major assault on our coastlines?  Like say, the “American Hiroshima” (see post below or Operation Blackjack) or something far more mundane like forced vaccination? 

Anytime the media seems to take a knock the administration (or their lips are moving), we can bet it is disinformation or psychological warfare.  There is no other way to view it.


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