Proof of the Washington Usurpers

Free People has maintained for some time that this administration is illegitimate due to their lack of a full birth certificate for the ‘sitting’ President and for the charge of “treason” filed by Jaghunter.

Please see this latest article, “The Theory is Now a Conspiracy and Facts Don’t Lie,” regarding proof of the conspiracy within the Democratic Party HERE.  I wish the conspiracy was only within the Democratic Party, but when Dick Cheney, as Vice President and President of the Senate who is supposed to ask for any objections to the Electoral College votes, did NOT ask for any objections, he was complicit. 

As Fox News reported, “This was the first non-contested Electoral College certification since 1996. Individual electors are not bound to vote in line with their states, but no electors deviated from the November returns on Thursday.”

Wonder why no one contested?  Cheney didn’t give them the option to, (see Congressional records) thereby making the Republicans complicit in the scam as well.  Cheney provided the cover for all of them.  What a rat. 

Do you still think there is any way Glenn can find us 56 folks who are “redeemable” among these scoundrels?  Would any Captain of the ship do the same for folks involved in mutiny on the high seas?  Not on your life.

Wipe the slate clean.  Move the capital and leave all the liars and cheats in their den of theives–inside the beltway–and starve them out!  While we form the 2nd American Republic.

And you can listen to the radio show tomorrow with J.B. Williams, author of the above article, and Joan Swirsky, author of “Who is Behind Quashing the Birth Certificate Issue?” at 11pm EST on the Awakening or call (646)727-2652 to listen or ask a question.


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