Just Go Home; Revolution is Over

What a great photo op all you wonderful American Patriots gave to Fox News today!  You really DID look peaceful and harmless–no threat at all.  Well, pat yourself on the back.  You have done your civic duty now and you can go home and tell all your grandchildren years from now how you stormed Washington and wrestled our liberties back–BRAVO!!  [Free People do applaud you, but the media made it look so… well, scripted?]

After listening to Beck today, I guess all we need to do now is watch him map out his strategy on his blackboard and if he smiles enough, I’m sure everything will be ok.  Whew!  That was really a close call!!  We ALMOST lost our Republic.  But Glenn is sure that if he can become a reformed alcoholic, there must be 56 others in Washington that can be redeemed too.  What a story that will be.  Just 56 people we need to find in Washington!

I wonder where Glenn will suggest we start looking first?  In the Senate Pages’ dormitory?  In the back of the President’s limo?  In the ACORN mortgage rolls for 19 year-old homeowners?  But I guess Glenn may have a few more ideas than I do. 

At the risk of sounding pessimistic, I was thinking that maybe 56 was a bit too few.  Sure, our Founding Fathers only had 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, but the population of ALL 13 colonies was just 2.5 million people compared with today’s roughly 350 million Americans.  So, according to that “rule of thumb,” one might more accurately conclude that we would need 56 x 140 = 7840 “redeemed” men of integrity to help us rid Washington, DC of its corruption–many more times the number of Congress, Supreme Court, and Executive Branch officials combined. 

If any of these men are like former Senator Obama, we wouldn’t be able to find them on half their days at work.  What does Glenn think we should do then?  I mean, we shouldn’t try to think for ourselves, right?  Best to let Glenn lead us because he smiles so nicely and he makes us laugh a lot, oh! … and cheer! 

So if we tune in starting on Monday, I’ll just bet Glenn is going to start finding these guys for us.  I can’t wait to watch!!  Still… I worry that 56 is not enough.  Well… 56 might be enough for each one to arm wrestle a Czar to see who will win Washington.  Just imagine if they do it on the White House lawn and they all have beer and nuts together afterwards.  That should take care of all this corruption.  Talk about redemption, too.

Still, I have this nagging voice in the back of my head that is saying, “Are you NUTS?  Are you just going to assume again that some other group of Washington insiders is going to create REAL reform for you?  Remember Newt Gingrich and the “Contract for America?”  How long did that last?  How do you know they created any real legislation that made a difference?  Its all just buried in these huge documents nobody reads.  But Glenn reads them all, right?  Well, at least I know he printed the big ones to show me?”

This voice is telling me this is NOT over.  This corruption doesn’t end just because I feel better after watching Glenn.  And as Glenn and you and I look for 56 redeemed corruptionists, what will all the others in Congress be doing?  Things are moving so quickly it is hard to keep up.

And then this voice screams at me, “What are you DOING?  You said you were tired of lawyers and lobbyists and political action committees and national organizations acting as your political intercessors to your representative government!  Are you NOW ready to let the MEDIA be your new political intercessors so easily!!  Have we Americans become SO LAZY, SO COMPLIANT that we will just sit back and let someone in the MEDIA tell us how to run our country?”

So now that I’m thinking clearly again let me see if there is a better way for us to get RID of the corruption?  Glenn mentioned “quarantining Washington,” but I say, “why bother?”  Washington, and EVERYONE inside the Beltway, no longer represents us so therefore our pre-nuputial with them is null and void.  We the People can IGNORE THEM. 

Fascism relies on power and money.  If they don’t have your attention, they don’t have POWER.  Glenn Beck has your attention so now he has power.  Ask yourself what Glenn, or anyone in his position, might do with this power. 

If Glenn ‘finds’ us these 56 people, will they be redeemed by us or by Glenn?  Who will they now owe their allegiance to?  What kind of power does this give to Glenn?  He will have his pick of advertisers again.  Do you think he will take back some of those big healthcare companies he lost? 

At what point will Glenn give this new “power” back to the People?  And which people could he give it to?  The Tea Party organizers?  The people who found favor with Glenn because they followed his program? 

Could it be that Glenn is helping to change this administration’s policies because people he is associated with are on the losing side of the economic equation?  For instance, Fox News itself is likely at risk if this administration, with Cass Sunstein regulating things, shuts down opposition news.  But that is something we all want to avoid, so Glenn is good, right?  Could Glenn be helping the businesses from the Neo-Cons side of the aisle that are cut out by this new administration?  Possibly.  That makes Glenn bad, right?  Does Rupert Murdoch have other business interests that are at risk from this administration?  So Glenn is helping Rupert and, undoubtedly, his own stock options.  Likely they have similar portfolios (not in size, but in companies) or it would be hard to work together. 

If Glenn has reasons like this to encourage opposition to this administration, why is he so quick to say “this is a turning point?”  Why does he believe we have accomplished our goals, or will within this month?  Why is he smiling so much?  Has Obama dropped healthcare?  Has he decided to audit the Fed?  Has he agreed to disclose where the Bailout money went?  Is he going to show his Birth Certificate? 

Why is Glenn ready to settle for so few concessions on our behalf?  So far, Van Jones resigned, the Census Bureau stopped working with ACORN.  These are great things and hopefully there will be MORE, but that DOES NOT end the corruption at EVERY level of politics, business, banking, or community organizing. 

Boy, I’m sure talking an awful lot about Glenn.  Shouldn’t I be talking about ‘ideas’ rather than the people who are saying them?  What is this sickness that has us looking for people to solve our problems rather than the ideas that really would.  If we put our trust in people, rather than ideas, again, we will find that the people suddenly start talking about things we don’t agree with, but they are so nice we can’t believe he could be saying anything wrong. 

Glenn even said about the “Tea Party” folks in Washington today:  “They’re just looking for a leader.”  That is about as demeaning as they “cling to guns and religion.”  A Republic DOES NOT exist if we are looking for someone to give us our liberties.  People who seize their liberties and protect the liberties of their neighbors as well, form Republics.  It does not happen any other way. 

Just because billionaires own media companies and can determine what we listen to does not marginalize the real movement of ideas behind today’s gatherings.  If you are truly for a Republic, Glenn’s comments should disgust you.  Look at his ideas and not the very nice man who says them.  We would all love to sit down and have a cup of coffee with Glenn Beck, but not because we need HIM to TELL US how to regain our liberties.  Because he seems like a decent human being.  But isn’t that what the ultra liberals say about President Obama:  “He’s so cool!”

There is a saying that goes something like this:  “Small minds talk about people; medium minds talk about things; but big minds talk about ideas.”

Challenge yourself and your friends and neighbors to step up their game and talk ONLY about the ideas that made America great.  It wasn’t Walter Cronkite.  He just got to say what any of us would have if we had the microphone.  They are just everyday PEOPLE making WAY TOO much money so their bosses can control what they SAY. 

Get a grip, America.  Go home and revolutionize your community with IDEAS that work to restore the America we all know and love.  And let Washington devolve in their own demise. 

When God gave Abraham directions regarding Sodom and Gemorrah, he didn’t tell him to try to talk to them, or to send someone in there to change their thinking.  No, God told Abraham to leave and NOT look back!  That is the only thing corruption of this magnitude deserves from people of liberty.  There are ways to replace those government checks if we work at the county level.  Don’t send your tax dollars above the county level or we will continue to have more of the same. 

How badly do you want your children and grandchildren to know the America you knew?  Badly enough to get off the government gravy train, to give up your ‘idols’ and start again with rugged individualism that leads to prosperity and freedom? 

Just remember this time around to leave out the usury and private banks.  With accomplished, we will find far fewer corrupting influences to interrupt our productivity.

NOTE:  Perhaps the best thing Glenn Beck did for the Patriot movement today was to keep the government from provoking any riots to make the peaceful protest look bad.  For that, perhaps, we should be thankful.

UPDATE:  We DO applaud you all who attended Tea Parties yesterday.  You took action, you met others, you discussed ideas and actions.  The point we are making is that if you ‘watched’ this event through the media’s eyes, it was marginalized EVEN by Glenn.  Two hours of warm fuzzies with Glenn telling us HE has the answers AGAIN!!!  He may have to paint a rosy picture to get himself, his family and his crew out of hot water and we DON’T fault him for that.  But the movement needs to realize the few “firings” of ACORN workers this week, the Census Bureau saying they won’t work with ACORN is HARDLY a pivot point.  Don’t let up your guard yet.  And heed Jefferson’s words below (forwarded by a Free People):

“We have counted the cost of this contest, and find nothing so dreadful as voluntary slavery. Honor, justice, and humanity forbid us tamely to sur­render that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us. We cannot endure the infamy and guilt of resigning succeeding generations to that wretchedness which inevitably awaits them if we basely entail hereditary bondage upon them. Our cause is just. Our union is perfect. Our internal resources are great… We gratefully acknowledge, as signal instances of the Divine favor towards us, that His Providence would not permit us to be called into this severe controversy until we were grown up to our present strength, had been previously exercised in warlike operation, and possessed of the means of defending ourselves. With hearts fortified with these animating reflections, we most solemnly, before God and the world, declare that, exerting the utmost energy of those powers which our beneficent Creator hath graciously bestowed upon us, the arms we have been compelled by our enemies to assume we will, in defiance of every hazard, with unabating firmness and perseverance, employ for the preservation of our liberties; being with one mind resolved to die freemen rather than to live slaves.”

– Thomas Jefferson.  “Declaration of Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms.” (July 6, 1775)


2 Responses to “Just Go Home; Revolution is Over”

  1. I think many roads lead to Washington and the tea party are doing a great job on one of those roads and they should be applauded. Then you have a lot of those seniors to go to town hall meetings and they do what they can in their way and they should be applauded. Then you have those who are hiring attorneys like Orley Tates and taken the road to sue the president in court and they should be applauded. Then you have a lot a patriot groups around the country who flood the e-mails and fax machines and phone lines of all your Congressmen and Senators and they should be applauded. I have done all of the above and I am also an oathkeeper and I am doing my best. A lot of people are doing the best they can in their own way and they should all be applauded. I normally like this website but this time you directed your harshness in the wrong way.

    • freepeopleontheland Says:

      Glen, We DO applaud every action. They all, to borrow words from the Jaghunter, create an assymetrical warfare approach to bringing down the corruption. Assymetrical is FAR MORE effective than one approach we all follow. And we DO applaud EACH of these efforts. However, we ALL must be vigilant that media does not co-opt the movement for their own purposes. We need to learn to be suspicious of EVERYONE with a podium and a microphone or a Supreme Court vote. We asked everyone here to watch Glenn during Sweeps Week, but if we only follow his agenda (starting on Monday), we must really vette his motives or we could have more of the same–intercessors who take the power of the people and use it for their own good. Be suspicious of us here, too. We don’t mind. We offer ‘ideas’ freely and don’t make a dime. We don’t like to claim credit for ideas or keep them from spreading. That is our only agenda. We need each one of us. But we DO NOT need to settle for anything short of what we deserve–a government that honors the Constitution and keeps their OATH to it!!! That’s it. Color us cynical if we don’t think 56 folks can do that. We need 56 million to stay engaged in effective ways. First, by asserting their personal right to liberty and ignoring an illegitimate government.

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