UPDATE – Sep, 12, 10:30am:  We have NOT shared this with EVERYONE but only key leaders until we have further confirmation.  Some are saying we should NOT send out until we have a final report to share.  Folks, WE ARE the network to gather the information, share with everyone until a very clear pattern emerges.  Believe me, you do not want to wait until we compile a fully-documented case to start watching your “6’x” (rear ends).  This is a notice that this has been received.  We would like two things from anyone who receives it:  1) what does it mean for you?  are you ready for something like this happening? and 2) can you verify any of the info through friends you know in AZ?  or have you seen anything similar around you?  This message was sent from a Free People visiting DC via a third party because she said the NING sites (most Tea Parties and many Patriot sites) are down in DC.  This is another notice to be watching.  You need to know MORE SOONER rather than LESS LATER to be safe and one step ahead of THEM.  You are free to share or not.  No harm; no foul.  But as you share, so you may receive when the time comes in your area.  If you live near this hospital, maybe you want to recon the area and find out what is going on.

Exactly as received:


Send this to all your friends every where…I just got this from a captain of the highway patrol that if your pc goes off and your cell dont work it time to make a move ok get your stuff ready as they have shut down 11 ning sites already god bless here it comes if u live here in az and dont have a place to go email me at privatecoachlimos@yahoo.com with your phone
number and how many people in your family.  ok thxs

NOTE:  They have microwave, sonic wave and other small, non-lethal (also known as soft-kill weapons) that are designed to take out electronics in advance of storming a location.  This way you can not alert anyone when you hear their vehicles, helos, etc.  Please prepare a bug-out bag for yourselves and family members.  It appears this notice is for gunowners, but we also know that high on the list are Oath Keepers, veterans, etc.  While they may be targeting Arizona and the southern border, everyone should be preparing for this eventuality.  Pray. Prepare.  Pray.  And know that “He who is in you is greater than He who is in the world.”  It is time for people of faith to show them the real power of the Living God and seek God’s guidance and shelter from this evil. 


You don’t need cell phones to alert others of what’s going on …

You can fire shots into the air, use either emergency flares or other flares if you have them, play extremely loud musical instruments, such as electric guitars, drums, etc, you can scream an appropriate battle cry, such as “sic semper tyrannis”, “deo vindice”, etc,  or scream like a banshee, as the rebels did against the yankee bastards the last time the people made a stand in this nation, seriously, as long as we have imagination and determination, we can fight them!
If your guns are empty, make gasoline bombs! [do this NOW]
If you’re out of gasoline, use cooking grease in a jar!
A steel spearhead, attached to a pole, could easily penetrate kevlar!

Here’s an Irish folk song glorifying the banging of steel garbage cans to alert one’s neighbors to a british army midnight raid:

As I was climbing into bed, at my poor granny’s side,
I looked out of the window, the army had arrived.
The house was soon surrounded; they battered the front door in.
I knew They’d come to take away, the lid of me granny’s bin.

And it was Scream, Bang, Shout, raise awful din.
you got spread a warning when the army they come in.

She opened up a window, and she clambered down the spout,
Soon her bin was rattling, to call her neighbors out.
She then took out her whistle, and blew away like hell,
And soon we heard an echo, as the neighbors blew as well.

A soldier came right the upstairs, his rifle in his hand.
She kicked him with her button boots, as down the hall she ran.
then up step’t another one, some medal for to win.
But all he got right on the gob, was the lid of me granny’s bin.

The music rose like thunder, as the bins and whistles played.
The army soon retreated, they knew they’d overstayed.
It wasn’t made of silver; it wasn’t made of tin,
But once again it saved the street, the lid of me granny’s bin.

Now war has had its weapons, since men began to fight,
And everyone has different ways to try and show their might.
The army has try’d everything, to cover up its sins,
And now the plastics bullets failed, their trying plastic bins.

Go home kind friends, and go to bed,
sleep as best ye can, but if trouble comes along
Get out and lend a hand, to all you fair young ladies,
If trouble does begin, get out into your back-yard love,
and rattle away at your bin.

NOTE:  Make yourself a perimeter early-warning system with a fishing line and noisemakers.  Add a few cans of wasp spray triggered as they hit the line and you can ruin their sneaky advance a tad.

You can discover what your enemy fears most by
observing the means he uses to frighten you.— Eric Hoffer

Free People Action Statement #12 – Pledge My Honor HERE:  I pledge, along with All Constitution-loving Free People on the Land my life, my fortunes and my sacred honor to one another and I will attack any “brownshirts,” or thugs, who come to my doors in the middle of the night.  NOTE:  Don’t make a hasty retreat without warning your neighbors (the noise or something) along the way.  They may go to your neighbor’s door if you aren’t home.


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