EMPACT America Conference 9/8-9/10

They have not posted the results from their National Conference yet, but these folks just met over the last few days.  Council on Foreign Relations member, Newt Gingrich, is a big player with these guys.  We have posted this as one of the ‘tricks’ the Fascists can play on us in the near future.  An excellent resource for surviving an EMP attack (ebomb) HERE.

The video starts with “off the coast of the United States.”  We know what has been on the East Coast for the last few months HERE.  NOTE:  All nuclear weapons come with an EMP.  The difference between an ebomb and a nuke with a mushroom cloud is the altitude.  The higher the nuke, the greater the EMP reach/damage.  The lower the nuke, the greater the radiation damage, but the EMP does not reach as far.  To survive a nuclear attack, this is an excellent booklet HERE.  Print it and keep handy, but train your family for the Blast (within 35 seconds if you are out of kill zone) and how to seek cover from the Blast Wave.  Then how to survive the radiation.

From Jul/Aug:

Electromagnetic Attack: Thinking the Unthinkable, “Preparing for disaster? Defense Secretary Robert Gates has cut 10 percent of the nation’s missile-defense budget — the best weapons we have to prevent EMP attacks.”


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