Excellent Comment!

A rather long financial summary for yesterday ended like this:

Obamarket Updates for 9/8 and Uh, Oh 9/9/9, the Day of Destiny   By John Galt, 9/9/9, johngaltfla.com

So let’s look at all three charts. Fannie and Freddie are zombies, 100% government controlled companies where the equity value is really ZERO but it is a trader’s instrument sort of like that drunk little old lady you see at 4 a.m. at the Roulette wheel at the MGM Mirage then realize she’s just betting on the pretty colors to try to win. Citigroup and Bank of America are partially owned government entities which are only around because we the taxpayers are forced by gunpoint to pay our taxes to insure that these companies survive because after all, they are “too big to fail” and we can’t have those CEO’s flying coach now can we?

GE is only around because somehow, after giving an entire group of  television networks to the administration to use for propaganda and to help pump the stock market, they got that bank designation although I swear my refrigerator has yet to offer me that ATM moment that my microwave does when I punch my PIN into the timer (of course the popcorn is incinerated as a result).  Thus from the Wall Street Journal pages above, you can see the majority of the volume is somehow affiliated with companies that just happen to be owned/used/whored as a result of taxpayer donations and mysteriously traded often like the damned companies are worth anything. In reality you have to ask (cue the X-Files theme) is if this is the case for the past 4 months, is it possible that the Federal Reserve working with the United States Hedge Fund (aka Treasury) elected to pump up the equities to insure that capital requirements are met for the big banks and thus giving the perception that a miracle has happened to insure a safe, sand steady recovery that will endure until Bo’s dog loses his virginity?

Who knows. Only a historian will know decades from now when the truth is discovered and shared with the world. In the mean time, today has come and gone and nothing has happened other than a speech from our fearless leader and my stomach turning rapidly at the thought of having to listen to politicians talk about “health care” for one more month while the dollar is shredded like a Bernard Madoff file folder.  Get ready for a wild remaining September folks as this will not end well for America the way things are being set up and your voice will be heard then ignored as usual. The time to act is now and that act is self-preservation in every way.[emphasis ours]

But the most comments of all come from a commenter on the site:

Anne Mejia:  Did you know that our Social Security funds have been given to the banks: How does this play into your graphs and our monetary future?

Are you familiar with Catherine Austin Fitts? It is she who has informed us that the banks have taken our SS treasures and absconded with our benefits future. Is it any wonder that President Obama is so anxious to get the healthcare plan passed!!!

Sorry: A final question. Could the SS benefits of 41 million seniors, deprived of their earned Social Security benefits, provide the government with the funds to support the Healthcare plan; by re-energizing the practice of euthanasia [execution] if it’s increased by say, 35% more deaths per year over the next ten years?

And, from a different perspective, I wonder what the worth of the greatest, most productive citizens of this nation are worth. You know, the generation that built the major infrastructure, military, wealth…. of this previously great nation: A great generation who sacrificed for and dreamed for and created for — you.

And please, figure into your graphs the plunge in morality in our society and government over the past 25 years. A dip so steep that it cohabits with a new morality. A new morality that is a cold selfishness, a greedy heartlessness, an amoral pretense to generosity: Thus, so defined, the only moral “thing” to do about the present financial chaos is to first steal the wealth of the elderly, then efficiently shed their innocent blood, and in as cheap a manner as is doable. Additionally, do so with the anticipation that close scrutiny is the enemy, hence, the numbers of quickened deaths must not be obvious: It must be a death so quiet and obfuscated that it will mix unnoticed in the shadows of the night. Neither this or that. But effective.

Free People – Anne has just hit on the financial reasons to kill so many folks soon!!  And this may explain Swine Flu, HealthScare and Martial Law!!  Not the first time we have heard it, but this is another great source who has tied the “shell game” around our treasury funds to the agenda on the table.  This is how Obama got into politics in Chicago and stayed there by their absconding with the funds from the Teacher’s Union!!!  Or so the story goes.


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