Operation “Garden Plot” Documents

GovernmentAttic.org has obtained four documents related to Operation Garden Plot under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). 

“Operation Garden Plot” is the blueprint for the United States Army and the National Guard to respond to incidents of “civil unrest” or “civil disturbance” among the American people.   

NEW US Department of the Army Civil Disturbance Plan “GARDEN PLOT” 10-September-1968 – [09-September-2009] 

NEW US Air Force Reserve Operations Plan Number 355-10 – Employment of USAF Resources in Civil Disturbances, Nickname: “GARDEN PLOT,” 15-November-1968 – [09-September-2009] 

NEW US Department of the Army Civil Disturbance Plan “GARDEN PLOT” prepared for the Department of Defense, 3 August 1978 – [09-September-2009] 

NEW US Department of the Army Department of Defense Civil Disturbance Plan, “GARDEN PLOT,” 15 February 1991 – [09-September-2009]

Follow this link to download the files:  HERE (Select “Document” Tab)

These are BIG documents and will require some studying for any pertinent details we need to know immediately.  If you wade through them first, be sure to post in a comment anything noteworthy. 

Under extreme circumstances, one might expect a government to plan for many eventualities.  But in a Republic, there should be NO SUCH TALK as putting down the people under “civil unrest” scenarios.  The people’s will should not so easily be ignored and then quashed.  This sort of thing tells the people something is WAY out of balance.  But, then again, we already concede this government is illegitimate for their unConstitutional actions anyway.


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