Oath Keeper Gives a Heads Up-Update

By his actions, it is safe to assume this young soldier will keep his Oath.  While his commitment is encouraging, his message is ominous.  The fact that so many of our own soldiers sense something is very wrong is warning enough.  But we do refer you to the article titled, “The Unasked Question–Russia’s Role” for some ideas as to how these nukes might be delivered.  But there are any number of means that might be employed if what this soldier, and his friends, suspect.  For a SWOT Analysis read, Free People Set Their OWN Agenda

This is his update.  He says he took the first one down himself as he was in uniform.  The part that didn’t play well discusses the following:

  • All the National Guard units have recently been shipped new M4s to replace the older M16s.  This is very surprising because they have not had any budget to do this earlier (except when deployed).  So he believes this is a signal they will be “deployed” for something–likely in the US which will be a generated national emergency–though not a false flag (see “The Unasked Question–Russia’s Role?”).
  • He says many of the reservists and soldiers he knows are discussing a plan to nuke the east and west coasts of the US between Sep 15-Oct 15.  This is similar to several plans the global elite has released in the past (as part of their “code” to inform, but disguise it).  See how to survive a nuclear attack HERE.
  • He mentions there will be a push through the highways planned to bridge the US, Canada and Mexico into the Union of North America (or North American Union–sounds like “Operation Blackjack” scenario). 
  • And he says that many military types are NOT your enemy and one way you will be able to tell is the upside down flag on their uniform–so look before shooting (if you are defending yourself, of course). 

2 Responses to “Oath Keeper Gives a Heads Up-Update”

  1. freedomckick Says:

    This video stopped and shuts off when the Oathkeeper begins to say, Just want to let you all know that we are still” (end of video)

    • freepeopleontheland Says:

      Thank you. Here is his update. We will post notes from this one as the soldier in the video took it down himself to keep from getting in too much trouble.

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