More Fascists To Add To Your Blacklist

White House Advisor Van Jones Resigns Amid Controversy Over His Past Activism, By Scott Wilson and Garance Frank Ruta,  The Washington Post, Sep 6, 2009
And from a viral email:  “Below are some emails of the the cowardly sponsors who wanted to pull their ads from Glenn Beck for exposing this enemy of our people, Van Jones, who finally resigned in disgrace.
“Think about it for a second, Folks. These major corporations were willing to OBEY the orders of an avowed communist, who has now quit in disgrace (no thanks to them!) and pull their ads from the talk show of a true patriot. Does that make you inclined to buy their products?”
Please tell them what you think of that:; [PR firm]; [what threats did they hang over these folks heads to get them to side with military-loathing types like this]; [mens apparel]; [electronic giant]; [health insurance–good for Glenn to lose]; [pharmaceutical company–good to lose]; [healthcare–good to lose]; [don’t stay at their hotels];; [GREAT ONE TO LOSE];; [wonder who owns them?]; [good one to lose]; [TAMIFLU & SWINE FLU VACCINE!!!  GLAD HE LOST THEM!!!]; [no loss but wonder who owns them];; [probably GE owned or backed for Smart Grid]; [trading software–capitalists turned Fascists]; [Gold buying will just put you on George Soros hit list when they decide to collect it all again–repeat 1941]; [They just take Seniors’ Dues, but must not care about them]; [Steve Jobs is a big Obama backer]; [Big Restaurant Chains–DON’T EAT THERE]; [Pacific Care–health insurance, good riddance]; [They already wear “Brownshirts”]; [Fascist stock trading company]; [Drug company–good riddance]
 [Warren Buffet/Berkshire Hathaway owns this and he’s a BIG FASCIST]
FREE PEOPLE – As we have said many times, you can’t defeat FASCISM by buying their BS, their products or their gold.  To keep the Oath, Glenn, we all must stop patronizing the FASCIST businesses.  Especially the HealthScare companies and Roche!!!… What were you thinking????
Any company siding with Van Jones over Glenn Beck, is clearly looking for government contracts and NOT your well-being or your Constitutional rights.

5 Responses to “More Fascists To Add To Your Blacklist”

  1. MarineInfantrVet Says:

    Are you entirely f*ing serious? Van Jones was a 9/11 truther and patriot and you’re throwing him under the bus because faux news told you to? Oh my god, start thinking for yourselves. I have just lost all respect for your site.

    • freepeopleontheland Says:

      And a Communist, but you have already told me you are a Socialist so all of these things make sense to you. But no one should be able to cut off advertisers using political clout. Socialism is unConstitutional, period. This site does NOT support ANYTHING that is unConstitutional–even your right to say exactly what you are feeling.

    • I fully agree. Someone told me to check out this website and the first thing I read is a childish rant. too bad…

      Van Jones rocks!

  2. MarineInfantrVet Says:

    1) he was not a communist 2) what is this, the red scare? should we goto war with china now? are the commies gonna come get us?

    the ultimate point is that he was a very low level player in the white house – his only job really being to advise the president on what has worked in the field of “green-collar jobs”. if you reject the notion out of hand because you believe there’s some sort of big “green conspiracy” then there’s no reason even trying to debate the issue.

    • freepeopleontheland Says:

      Van Jones is not even the issue here with the exception that he leveraged his connection to the White House to get Beck’s advertisers to drop out. Fascist companies do what influential folks in the government tell them to do because they want to earn contracts from favors rather than transparent competition. This is how Big Pharma has gotten into position to get the government to order 160 mil x 3 doses to mandatorily (or so they are saying) vaccine certain segments of the population–not because their product works, but because they are tied into the illegitimate/corrupt fascist government. We don’t discuss people here, but ideas. We haven’t seen anyone in Washington who is pure enough for us to get behind personally. Certainly not even Glenn Beck. We support ACTIONS (which are ideas in motion) that promote liberty. That is all. We won’t waste time with character assassination of Van Jones. But we do try to avoid giving money to companies that seek fascism over capitalism.

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