Wright Patterson AFB Controls Chemtrails

Below is a short video advertising an entire program you can download beginning on Sep 11th.  A. C. Griffith says he has been watching chemtrails everyday for 10 years now.  He says the command and control for the operation is done out of Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio.  For someone in Northern Michigan, this is very believeable because we have seen simultaneously 2-3 jets on a daily basis since the 3rd week of June spraying in the ionosphere (high altitude jets).  We have had the coldest “summer” and rarely a clear sky this entire time (except now for the last few days).  We also have seen numerous soundwave patterns in the clouds spreading the sprays quickly for complete cloud cover.  The question has always been, whether in LA or Northern Michigan, where are these jets flying from?  Perhaps now we know.  If you know of folks working there, please find out what you can and keep us posted here. 

Griffith mentions the Woodpecker Signal from Russia.  The Russian Woodpecker:  Experiments in Global Mind Control HERE is an article regarding it.  If you can begin to put two and two together, you can see the advancements that have been made using “scalar” and microwave signals and the non-lethal weapons technologies as well as HAARP.


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