The Unasked Question–Russia’s Role?

UPDATE:  Additional links that support the information:  “Definitely NOT Mainstream”, HERE and “Is Russia Setting the Stage For A Nuclear Apocalypse?” Part I HERE and Part II HERE

There seems to be more than one “unasked question” when you look at the issue of whether or not FEMA, DHS and the new 40th Military Police Internment and Resettlement Battalion are simply preparing for a “national emergency.”

But the question really isn’t JUST about these two pieces of information.  Consider WHY we are having this conversation in the first place.  What is it that is driving this administration to push so quickly into a final “endgame” scenario of American citizens under martial law at all, regardless of the reason?

Do they know something that we don’t know?  Seems like since last September, even the sleepiest among us should be wondering how we have gone through: 1) appropriating $9 Trillion (+/- $5 Trillion oor so depending on whatever figures you use) without anyone accounting for it; 2) appropriating a “budget larger than the military’s” for a civilian security force; and 3) putting a national healthcare plan into legislation with hardly any open discussion in the Congress at all?  We have only heard that we MUST ACT NOW or else?  Or else what? 

You can’t tell us there is any way this additional spending (which seems to all be going to the Federal Government to pay for layers of government spending, thereby usurping the State and County legislative bodies) is going to turn around the economy.  We can see it is only making things worse all the while the Federal Government seems to be talking more and more about internal threats to our country rather than external: homegrown terrorists, gun owners, vets, and now we’re supposed to believe the story that they are preparing for “martial law” in the event of a large natural disaster or national emergency?

What is it they know that we don’t?  That is the “unasked question.”  A prudent person might try to take in more details in order to answer that question for themselves.  What else is going on out there that COULD add further clarity or resolution to the question of this gear-up for martial law?

Hurricane season is upon us, but most states in the wake of hurricanes have managed better than the Federal government to address our needs for such things…unless they “know” of a major storm coming, or that will be coming.  There is sufficient evidence to lead one to believe our government, and others, may have ways to create these types of storms, according to the History Channel.

Or what about a nuclear weapon or even just an Electro Magnetic Pulse?  This could be delivered by any number of countries now.  But under what circumstances might this occur?  There is one major threat that seems never to go completely away:  Israel striking Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities.  This is a grave threat indeed if Israel decides to do it.  At the time they drop a bomb on Iran, the US is immediately at war with Russia and China.  Hmmm…what significance does that have?  Well, Russia already has been sending their submarines in close proximity to our East Coast.  This hasn’t happened since the Cold War ended. 

Why would this new administration, which does not appear to be friendly towards Israel, not just end the treaty with Israel?  A good analyst might ask themselves, “What might this administration gain if they actually encouraged this behavior from Russia?”

Might this Russian presence be useful in some other way?    It doesn’t seem as if we have done much about it.  Let’s just suppose for a second that they WANTED the Russian subs to be there.  What benefit might that be?

When taken into the context of the very strange, fast, massive shakedown of our treasury, one must wonder if there has been some threat hanging over the heads of folks in our own government (maybe as a way to keep the  bureaucrats that wield more power and have no allegiance to any ONE president in line).  Were some of these folks forced to go along with something they might not have wanted to?  Could a minority of political folks, using outside assistance, have forced the rest of Washington into an agenda they would not have supported otherwise?  Of course, it is helpful if they can get folks to BELIEVE they represent the majority.  That would just require help from the media.

But what does it take to get a government to virtually self-destruct itself by printing and spending trillions of dollars so carelessly?  Probably someone/some group that doesn’t much want the country to succeed.  However, if they really only represented a minority of the folks, they would need some way to control their behavior; some big threat to keep them all too afraid to break free. 

Remember those Russian nuclear subs?  Not too long ago, we could not have imagined America accepting that scenario at all.  But this administration has not made one peep about it?  Why has nothing been said about them (or ANYTHING about ANY THREAT to our national security from outside forces)?  Why is that?  Could it be because this new administration IS the outside force.  Because THEY are ALIGNED with the outside force?

Could those Russian subs be there to keep Congress towing the line?  To keep our bureaucrats towing the line?  To keep some in our military and law enforcement towing the line?  Is this the strongarm that a “Government of the Media” would require in order to “enforce” their own policies?  

So, what is possible from an administration that seems to have control of FEMA, DHS and other branches of “government” while working with foreign entities hostile to us?  Well… virtually anything. 

Are we under seige without realizing it?  Our fore and aft may be compromised already.  How would we know?  

Do you finally get what this “martial law” is all about?  It is not about a natural disaster or a natural emergency, but rather a well-orchestrated plan to take over America to the fullest extent possible.  This is a “velvet” WAR.  They are dismantling the Constitution, planning to take our guns, use bioweapons on us, use illegal aliens, gang members, unions, and other disgruntled parties against us.

While they have not called it that, it is what it surely is.  There is no other way to explain how all these pieces fit together otherwise.  Organize yourselves in your neighborhoods, town, cities, counties.  Each area may see different threats, so we must do our best to prepare locally.  The “endgame” is on.  We don’t know how the picture could be any clearer. 

Pray about it.  Ask God for guidance, wisdom and insight.  But see the handwriting on the wall.  If you don’t, there is little help for you in the days, weeks and months ahead.


One Response to “The Unasked Question–Russia’s Role?”

  1. A seriously overblown an stupid column.
    Oh, by the way, it’ “toeing the line”, not “towing the line”. Think chalk marks and feet, not tractors and ropes.

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