Solvency by State-Owned Banks?

Solvency:  How State-Owned Banks End Interest-Costs on State Debt ($5 Billion/year in CA), Carl Herman, LA County Non-Partisan Examiner, Sep 4, 2009

While the article above explains quite well where new credit can easily come from, it falls extremely short of a Constitutional ideal that FREE PEOPLE must demand.  First, let us state that CREDIT is not the problem, it can be had very easily through real assets.  CONTROL is the problem. 

But read it for the purpose of understanding how we can create “credit” for our own local currencies in the near future.

FREE PEOPLE disagrees on two areas of this article:

1) Free People advocate for non-profit banks which charge NO INTEREST.  Credit can be created in the same way this gentleman discribes.
2) Banks should be organized at the County Level as that is where EVERYONE can easily attend a Board Meeting and have a say and input into their local currency process.  In a Republic, the County is closest to the people–the real government.
So, whereas this guy is recommending that the states have their own banks, we recommend the counties do.  The Sheriff can preclude the furthering of the Federal Reserve fraud by protecting folks from being thrown out of their houses and cars being repossessed until such time as a new currency can get off the ground. 
The County Board should withhold all taxes and not pay them forward unless the state or federal governments are following the Constitution and not overstepping their Constitutional authorities. 
To set it up a state bank in California, for instance, is just giving control of the money to another fascist entity controlled by Washington anyway.  This worked in North Dakota because they have far less national interference there. 
Read about Copper Cards solution HERE and HERE.
Our Constitution DOES NOT support usury or interest charged for borrowing of money.  The Federal Reserve IS and ALWAYS WAS unConstitutional and, therefore, illegal.  They have stolen the gold our money was based on.  We can NOT in anyway continue to base ANY FUTURE monetary system on this entity AT ALL–nor its fraudulent “outstanding” obligations.
It is time to wipe the slate clean.  Keep people in their houses until the County can reorganize with local market rates, keeping the tax money there and NOT sending it to Washington, etc. 
If there is a system with NO INTEREST, then we have a Constitutional money system that ends ANY REASON for poverty.
Copper Cards is an online exchange system that facilitates each county monetary exchange with another county or another country.  This step should be started now, but Copper Cards can not get folks to donate the money required.  So for the immediate future, FREE PEOPLE should be instituted their OWN LOCAL CURRENCIES that are NON-PROFIT entities.


2 Responses to “Solvency by State-Owned Banks?”

  1. “FREE PEOPLE should be instituted their OWN LOCAL CURRENCIES that are NON-PROFIT entities.”

    Jct: Right you are. But they should also adopt the Time Standard of Money with the gold. When the local currency is pegged to the Time Standard of Money (how many dollars per unskilled hour child labor) Hours earned locally can be intertraded with other timebanks globally! In 1999, I paid for 39/40 nights in Europe with an IOU for a night back in Canada worth 5 Hours. You can too.
    U.N. Millennium Declaration UNILETS Resolution C6 to governments is for a time-based currency to restructure the global financial architecture.
    See on growth of the international time-trading network.

  2. Nicholas Parisi Says:

    The link is not working for Copper Cards. Could you please send it to me via e-mail.

    Thank you

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