Will the Real Terrorists Please Stand Up?

If you haven’t heard of Earth Liberation Front (ELF) folks you, you will, undoubtedly, find this revealing.  They have their own press office HERE (in Washington, DC no less) to keep the public informed of their covert operations or successes in “defense of the environment.”

Earth Liberation Front Topples Two Radio Station Towers in Snohomish County, WA, Press Release From SCMLASeattle in the news again.  This time with an act of “domestic terrorism” aimed at a family-owned radio station (read: threat to establishment media empire).

ELFtower2” Due to the health and environmental risks associated with radio waves emitted from the towers, we applaud this act by the ELF,” stated Jason Crawford, a spokesperson for the North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office. “When all legal channels of opposition have been exhausted, concerned citizens have to take action into their own hands to protect life and the planet.”
Free People – It is important to note that ELF is NOT on the DHS Watch List like our veterans, gun owners, etc. are. 

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