Training ‘R US

Preparing for a riot, Area agencies receive crowd-control training
MARCIAL GUAJARDO,, August 28, 2009

Like “Star Wars” stormtroopers, police officers and sheriff’s deputies wielding batons and face-shielded helmets on order march tightly bunched together up the steps to the bleachers at Round Rock ISD Athletic Complex Thursday.

With boots, protective vests and shin guards, the group might be viewed by some as an intimidating force, akin to an experienced varsity football squad entering the stadium.

But seconds later it is the group in the stands that becomes the intimidator. Wearing only casual clothes, the group – largely consisting of males – whoops, yells, hops and gestures obscenely at the officers. Instead of batons, they carry whatever they can get a hold of – mostly plastic water bottles and even an empty cardboard box – but they seem emboldened by the riot squad’s mere attention to them.

Minutes later, though, the confrontation ends with a few arrests and injuries, though of the faux kind. Water bottles had bounced off face shields, spraying everywhere, and in retaliation, imitation pepper spray was administered. Some pushing also followed, but only occasionally as the group of sports fans retreated backwards.

The event was real but only a training exercise for members of the Round Rock Police Department, Williamson County Sheriff’s Office and 23 other public safety agencies in a 10-county Central Texas region.

Organized by the Capital Area Council of Governments’s Homeland Security training division, the event is believed to have been the largest such regional training exercise of its kind in Central Texas.

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Free People – Just more of our Bailout money at work against our freedoms.  The DHS has no business, nor ANY federal government branch, providing training from the top down and offering “scenarios” that insinuate the people are the enemy against all those in uniform. 

The other issue for anyone wearing a US, State (such as NG and Police), County and City level uniform to consider is this:  The Federal Government took the $5-9 Trillion (in that range) of the Bailout/Stimulus money and has been hiring folks for various “paramilitary” positions all over the country.  They spent that money at the current value being able to buy loads of goods and services to secure the allegiance of all those new folks they hired. 

But in the meantime, they have also been printing whatever money they wanted so they could spend without limit.  At a time of their choosing, they will reveal the natural “inflation” this extra money has caused, but by then all the new folks and everyone else as well, will be locked into a fixed income worth maybe 1/6 of its original value when taking these jobs (remember the 40th Military Internment/Resettlement Police unit in a post from a few days ago?). 

This anticipated “hyper-inflation” then allows the Federal Government to retract those printed $$s out of the economy while collecting more taxes on the devalued money than they could through raising the taxes.  And all these folks who they “bought” through the new jobs explosion are under their thumb, doing their bidding and working against their neighbors freedoms. 

If you still can’t see what a large fraud this is, please hibernate for the winter and leave the rest of us to sort it out without your interference.


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