Careless or Calculated? You Decide

Free People – This year we have seen vials of the Swine Flu missing from a lab in MD, mustard gas missing from Pueblo, CO and now this (intercontinental ballistic missile parts and liquid jet fuel which is similar to anhydrous ammonia–see precautionary measures below)?  Are we really this clumsy or careless or could there be some other reason for these items to go missing?  In the case of the Swine Flu vials, it reminds us of the “missing” anthrax.  One should always question what they read and watch for other events that might reveal a pattern or none at all.

Semitrailer carrying missile parts overturns in ND
JAMES MacPHERSON, Associated Press, September 1, 2009

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Previously posted:

Aug 24 – Possible Leak Detected at Chemical Weapons Depot, Monday, Aug 24, Associated Press – Pueblo, CO, “Mustard Gas is highly toxic and can cause severe skin and lung inflammation, cancer and birth defects.”  (Not too close to Pittsburgh, but watch for where it turns up and who they will say “stole” it.)  Found the treatment for it at:  Gas: The German’s Secret New Weapon.  A New Terror.  Also read about chlorine gas protection (it suggests a cloth soaked in urine over your face, but bottled water can work just about as well).   For Mustard Gas:  “Decontamination is the most important treatment that can be done for a mustard exposed patient.  Removal of clothing, bathing, flushing of the eyes, and washing of the hair are key initial management steps.  Some people go as far as to say you should shave their hair completely off if it has been exposed.  Treatment beyond this is primarily supportive and includes antibiotics and pain medication.”  For Chlorine Gas:  If you are in your car or home, turn on the heat inside and seal any openings with tape, towels, etc. as the higher pressure inside keeps the gas from coming in.

April 22, 20093 Vials of Virus Sample Missing from Maryland Facility 

Have we missed any?  Please let us know.  Remember, like with an iceberg, we can likely assume we only see less than 10% of what is happening beneath the surface.


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