RE: The Legal Right to Arrest Congress

Free People response to this idea:

Love the sentiment, but we have spent months trying to deflect FREE PEOPLE from playing into the Fascist’s hands.  While it sounds perfect, just imagine how this will play in the international arena.  Why is that important, you might ask?  Because right now we have 100s of 1000s of foreign troops on our soil, agreements with Canada, Mexico and NATO to send in their troops in the event of “civil unrest.” 
This would be an example of “civil unrest” in the world where the UN’s backers, the Global Elites, can control most of the military resources (which we believe to be “ours”) in the blink of an eye. 
We need NOT arrest any of them.  The best thing to do is to ignore Washington and to spend our time working with the county to collect taxes at that level and not forward WITHOUT the county people agreeing that the next level of government is legitimately following the Constitution.
We need to START our OWN LOCAL CURRENCIES and starve the Fascist Beast of their blood-sucking blood supply in our own backyards.  We CAN NOT have our LIBERTIES while being tied to their FIAT/MONOPOLY/PAPER money and paying unConstitutional INTEREST on all of it 2, 3 or more times.
For us to be FREE, we don’t need Washington to hand it to us.  That is NOT even POSSIBLE.  Freedom and liberty starts within the hearts and minds of each person.  That is the “grassfire” that needs to start.  Freedom is NOT secured from the top down.  We have the right to establish the 2nd American Republic anytime we wake up and realize the fastest way to rid ourselves of “monsters” is to IGNORE them.  This monster owns the banks (our FIAT money), the media and they are trying to gain control of all law enforcement and military.  We need to ignore those areas where they have control. 
But while our law enforcement and military can be controlled at the top, our individual soldiers and officers HAVE the hearts and minds of liberty and the Constitution in their weapons arsenal.  We need not worry about ANYONE who is FREE of heart and mind and we MUST ignore those who are already held captive by the Beast.  Those Congressmen and women will only allow the Usurper-in-Chief (placed in there illegitimately by the Global Elites, aka UN so they could affect a takeover of the US to the international global governance arena) to call upon the international community to QUELL THE CIVIL UNREST!!
We don’t know about you, but we REFUSE TO PLAY INTO THEIR HANDS.  We, instead, prefer to remain FREE and play by our own rules.  We have the right to bear arms from a defensive position and we can organize ourselves for an enemy invasion, but not pre-empt it. 
Believe us, our Congresspeople are the LEAST of our worries.  Even Glenn Beck said it, “They have already been consumed.  They are mere puppets being used to give us the ‘illusion’ our government still exists.”
These Congresspeople are POWERLESS to do ANYTHING to help you or hurt you UNLESS you still believe they can.  Then their power comes from YOU allowing them to DISTRACT you from the REAL THREAT AT HAND–International bankers repossessing all of our county/municipal properties, mortgages, mineral rights, etc. and the threat of the International troops under the UN flag (as seeing during FEMA’s National Level Exercise to train for Martial Law in the US) coming to our doors to seize our weapons, immunize our children, remove us from our homes, etc. all at the will of the real backers of this Usurper who is throwing out the welcome mat for them.
Look at the Usurper’s actions since January (and even before) and you will see that NOTHING has been to the benefit of the American people, but only for the benefit of the Global Elites and their Global Government initiatives.  THERE IS NOOOOO US GOVERNMENT ANYMORE!  For at least 2 reasons:  1) even if we had an eligible president, the entire government has strayed from the Constitution and we are no longer bound to their “dictates” or “czars”; 2) since he is NOT eligible, this is a bogus government and our only answer is to reestablish a legitimate Republic. 
That is the hard part.  To get folks awake enough to know that we can start at the county level reelecting folks who will follow the Constitution; folks who HAVE NO PART in this existing governmental corruption and who, therefore, owe no favors to anyone.  Then we can reelect the State governments where necessary and eventually build to a new Federal Government. 
The sooner we do this, the safer all of us, our families and our neighbors will be.  In the meantime, concern yourself ONLY with your own neighborhood and county.  We can use the internet to learn from one another, but all physical efforts MUST BE LOCAL and not have ANY RELATIONSHIP to Washington.  If you try to arrest illegitimate representatives, you ARE LEGITIMIZES that WHICH IS ILLEGITIMATE. 
THIS IS HOW THEY KEEP THE FRAUD GOING!!  All summer long we have talked about the Healthcare Bill because YOU ARE FOLLOWING THEIR AGENDA.  Enough already!!  That is unConstitutional, but the more they can get you to play their game, the less you are doing to secure your hometowns from the impending assault from foreign troops. 


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