Martial Law Alerts – Nationwide

NJ – Jersey City, Remember that Curfew Discussed for Adults?  Here is an interview by of a City Councilman who was not told about the Mayor and Police Chief’s plans except by this reporter:

MO – Kansas City, Reported by YouTube user “OrangeCrash122669” on August 20, 2009 at ?: 

IL – Springfield, Observed by Operation Overwatch member:  DHS “POLICE” vehicles in Springfield. This type of vehicle not seen before in this area.

MORE from Springfield,IL:
Free People Assessment – Your Bailout Money at Work!!  How the Feds plan to override your local police when the balloon goes up or they declare a national emergency according to Executive Orders Bush signed.  Remember “Operation Cable Splicer” reveals DHS will cut the communications between local law enforcment so they can step in without interference.

CA – Los Angeles, Observed by Kim on August 28, 2009 at various times:
I observed the regular northwest / southeast patrols (they look like black, OH-6-type helicopters) over my location at the following times:
oh-610:00 a.m. southeast
11:30 a.m. northwest
11:36 a.m. southeast
12:40 p.m. southeast
12:41 p.m. northwest
(The last two passed each other in the sky over my location.)

ch-53eSuperStallionI also observed 2 fully-armed CH-53E Super Stallion-type helicopters flying in formation heading northwest over my location. They looked similar to the photo below, except they looked like they might have been painted navy blue, or dark gray? From memory, the “noses” of the helicopters also seemed like they were more “pointy” than the ones in the photos, although this could have been a trick of the light & the distance at which I was seeing them. This was an extremely unusual sighting. It’s not every day that one sees huge military helicopters flying over civilian airspace in Los Angeles. 

CA – San Bernardino,  National Guard Facility actively Recruiting after 14 years of no activity!  This the unemployment rate at 40%, they won’t have trouble hiring–YIKES!  All Constitutional-loving folks please do NOT apply!

CA – San Luis Obispo (SLO), Observed by SCMLA:  Observed by Kim on August 12, 2009 at ?:On August 12, 2009, we observed ROTC marching on a field at Camp San Luis Obispo in what looked like dress uniforms (which we have no objection to whatsoever) & Army National Guardsmen performing a flag ceremony outside the front gates (on Highway 1) in their BDUs / ACUs in yet another example of acclimatization of our military & the public into thinking that the daily wear of combat uniforms in America — a country with which our troops are not at war (yet) — is good & normal behavior & which will make it that much easier for everyone to accept when the troops are asked to move against the American people …

Which is coming soon &, if the responses to our channel by young soldiers is any indication, our troops have already been trained to think of the American people as the enemy.

We’ve also been observing (& you can see a little bit of this in the video) a great increase in tanks, trucks, flatbeds, personnel carriers, etc. being stored on Camp San Luis Obispo’s grounds. Since our southern border (in California) is not under attack, since there is currently no civil war underway & since the American people are (supposedly) not the enemy of the U.S. military, then one has to wonder: WHAT IS THE REASON FOR THIS HUGE BUILDUP OF MILITARY HARDWARE IN A SLEEPY LITTLE COLLEGE TOWN LIKE SAN LUIS OBISPO?

FREE PEOPLE – This build up could be from Annual Training for the National Guard, but it is unusual that it has occurred in just the last few weeks rather than all summer.  And with the new recruiting push at San Bernardino, and likely here as well, in a state that is in the hole, it is quite a contrast to have the military so fat, well-trained and recruiting when businesses and real estate are flat or worse.  Perfect place to recruit given the unemployment.  Can you say “Internment Guard Training?”


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