Liberal Mass. Goes Militant

$1000 Per Day Fine and 30 Days in Jail For Refusing The Swine Flu Vaccine in Massachusetts?,

A new law just passed in Massachusetts imposes fines of up to $1000 per day and up to a 30 day jail sentence for not obeying authorities during a public health emergency. So if you are instructed to take the swine flu vaccine in Massachusetts and you refuse, you could be facing fines that will bankrupt you and a prison sentence on top of that.

The YouTube video below is of a news report about this disturbing new law. In particular, pay attention at the 1:40 mark when the anchor and reporter discuss the new penalties for not obeying the health authorities during an emergency…..

If you have not realized it yet, the controversy over swine flu vaccinations is about to get very, very real. The authorities know that a lot of people are extremely concerned about the safety of the swine flu vaccine, and they are putting the infrastructure in place to deal with those dissenters.

Let us hope that the worst case scenario with the swine flu does not take place, but the reality is that health authorities across the United States are gearing up for the biggest vaccination campaign in the nation’s history. It looks like this fall could be very, very interesting.

Free People has been told of a fellow Patriot whose children have been diagnosed with having the H1N1 Swine Flu, but that their doctor will NOT be reporting it to the CDC.  Turns out the government doesn’t want the reporting, they are moving ahead with the plans whether the numbers warrant it or not.  Have a plan for you and your family when the issue comes up regarding this vaccine.


2 Responses to “Liberal Mass. Goes Militant”

  1. freedomckick Says:

    I know NOT ONE person that will take the vaccines or allow their children to be vaccinated. There is NO way they can make us take it. We will do what ever is necessary to protect our children.

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