America, Meet Your Oath Keepers

4 Soldiers Killed In Helicopter Crash, Aug 20, Associated Press (Assoc BS) 

Free People – 4 Soldiers from Task Force 160th, one of the darkest military organizations we have, were “taken out” by the darkest side of our government.  These soldiers, according to Hawk’s Backside report, refused to obey orders to enforce martial law on the American people.  They, like our Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence, knew what their oath meant and went fearlessly into the night away from the evil that has gripped our nation’s powerful inner circle.  These men have been awarded medals of honor in secrecy and died that way except for those of us who now know the sacrifice they have made.  We believe they have no regrets for their actions.  Please keep their families in your prayers. 

Does this Marine know what he has publicly stated and the seriousness of it?  We believe so and pray so.  He boldly stated so.


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