1 Flu Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Swine Flu Conference Predicts End of the USA as a Result of the Swine Flu Pandemic, Jane BurgermeisterThe Flu Case (Jane’s website with full flu updates), Aug 23

Free People – As was the case in Mexico, the Global Elites will use the Swine Flu to force the impending economic collapse of the US and the Dollar.  Its much more “clinical” that way rather than just a dreary report that announces our country is bankrupt.  Then we would be looking only at the culprits instead of having to fight for our very sanctity of mind and body against those trying to wrestle us to the ground and inject us.  Seems the “taser” was the training tool for the “needle.” 

But if the Castle Doctrine–of the Common Law, Magna Carta days, provides that every man’s home is his castle and he has the right to defend himself on his own property to the fullest extent–then where is the “Temple Doctrine”?  You know the one that upholds that Biblical tenet that our body is God’s Temple.  How dare they try to invade our very molecular structure with a poisonous concoction against our will.  Or worse, like the Pied Piper, lead our unsuspecting children from their classroom into the nurse’s office to receive the Jim Jone’s Kool-Aid of the NWO. 

Jane has it right when she says if the vaccine is so good, why are they “banking” on 40% kill rate or 40% missing work rate which will collapse our economy without a single word from your local banker.  It will all be a simple demise brought on by Mother Nature–nothing we could have had a hand in, right?  Well, we know this government created the vaccine, removed all fault from themselves if someone dies from it, has coordinated every last government, state and county employee into taking part in administering its jab and even sprayed the skies for days to ensure the flu vaccine would have the greatest chance of success–to kill we the people.

The Good News is that New Zealand has already LOWERED their level of Flu Alert!!  Some sanity is prevailing somewhere.  Watch for the economy or political leadership to take a financial hit somewhere.  But Greece has gone to the Nth degree making the vaccine mandatory for EVERYONE.  Guess their economy has already taken a very severe blow and they are anxious to comply with the powers that be.


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