Adding Impact to the Swine Flu Conference

Here is a great video that adds impact to the PDF we posted several days ago regarding the International Swine Flu Conference.  We have been discussing here the plan for them to target school children.  The proof is in their conference program showing teachers how to identify ill students and “transport” them.  It does not say how or where, but remember the WHO Level 6 (which was called about 2 months ago) allows for the government to guarantine folks.  Relying on this, they will NOT be calling the parents first.  With college students, it will likely be worse–they will be almost arrested if they “resist” and any instructor can turn them in upon “seeing” some symptoms.  And we know how liberal our schools and colleges are.  So the government will find many willing participants.  Because we are risking their lives, right?  While Free People are outraged, they are bringing out the “Jeanne Garofalo” in all the O Bots.  Take Vitamin D, C, Fish Oil, Magnesium and get as much sunlight as possible and pray it passes over your household (if you are so inclined).  Events may likely incline many more of us in the near future.  NOTE:  We are the majority.  Web Bot Project estimates 50-60% of us are “Refuseniks” and the government will NOT be able to enforce the mandatory vaccination on all of us.  So they are starting where it is easiest and hurts us the most–our children.  Refuse!


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