The Military as Guinea Pigs

Department of Veteran Affairs Reports 73 Thousand U.S. Gulf War Vets Dead, From Copper Cards Founder (See Action Statement #4):

VAVetsDoc“73,000 dead amongst the U.S. soldiers for this scale operation using weapons of mass destruction is not high – we expect the great majority of U.S. soldiers who took part in the invasion of Iraq to die of uranium poisoning, which can take decades to kill not only the soldier but family members as well.”  See Page 9 of this Document:  VA, Gulf War Veterans Info Sys

Can we expect this administration to take care in the military decisions they are making to increase troops to Afghanistan by an additional 45,000, sending them through a pass the Russians are allowing them to pass through all the while telling us it will be a “bloody” battle?  Free People doesn’t trust anything they say.  But thank the troops who have served with the goal of securing our peace and our liberties.


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