Breaking Down the Bull

In an article from an Obama-backer who has “seen the light,” you will discover the “hype” equation and see how they are putting a coat of sheen on the BS they are selling.

Shepard Fairey Declared New PRopaganda Czar                        Alexander Meyer, Aug 10th (Fairey is a Viral Marketing Expert)


“It is not out of differing opinions that I lost respect for this talented communicator [Fairey]. I can respect the opinions and perspectives of others no matter if I agree with them or not. It has more to do with Fairey’s seemingly oblivious transformation into the very thing he spoke out against. After all, from someone who makes a living questioning the status quo you think he would be more discerning and skeptical of political hype. Though instead of heeding the massive mountain of evidence that Barack Obama was just another Wall Street mouthpiece, and that he would continue the ambitions of the Bush administration, Fairey not only bought into the hype, he brought the hype it to a whole new level.”

“Sadly, the nail in the coffin on this matter came on the morning on the 10th of July. I received an email from (One of Billionare Globalist George Soros’ many alternative media, or rather controlled opposition outlets.), a political action organization notorious for pushing through every agenda Obama puts on the table. Their initiatives play to the “hopes” and desires of the average American for reform in DC. But always with just enough information for members to feel implored to act, yet not enough information for them to have a true grasp on the ramifications of the policies they are rooting for. This “special” email was to inform me that Shepard Fairy and have partnered to bring me the newest bit of propaganda, a sticker campaign to show my support for “clean energy”. It appears that the public really is ready to OBEY anything that comes out of the Obama administration without question… or understanding.”

“As is taught in Buddhism; Suffering is ended by the light of awareness. So too is the influencing effects of propaganda… err… P.R. After all, what is propaganda; but a ploy to persuade through sensationalism and emotional triggers rather than logic and contextual insight?”

“Hype” Equation:hypeequation


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