Summing Up the HealthScare BS

From Steve, Central California Oath Keeper and Free People:

The number one reason why ObamaCare is wrong for me, despite all of the myriad value reaons that have been listed elsewhere, is that I am a free man.  I was born free and remain free in spite of what the state may believe and NO government bureaucrat is going to tell me that I must have health insurance or tax me for the so-called “privlege” not to.  In a free society that should be enough reason to end the discussion however the statists have forgotten the lesson of our founding and they erroneously believe that healthcare is our right. 

There are only three rights guaranteed in this country, they are; life, liberty (as enumerated in the bill of rights), and the pursuit of happiness. Health care is NOT one of them! Neither is a job nor an education. Happiness is not a right either, especially since it is such a subjective thing. What defines happiness for me may not be adequate for someone else. That is why you ONLY have the right to pursue your dreams (happiness) but the attainment of those dreams is up to you. The only right you have is the right to be left alone and the only thing you are guaranteed is an opportunity to succeed, nothing more. If you make bad choices failure is also an option. No one has an obligation to save you from yourself. Without failure no one would ever learn the value of success or that it requires hard work and risk to attain. In this new politically correct environment we live in, everyone is a winner. Schools no longer wish to give report cards for fear of hurting someone’s fragile self esteem and athletes today are told that winning no longer matters. No one is held accountable for their actions and there is ALWAYS an excuse to justify every failure.

Until Americans relearn to be independent and responsible for themselves, without always resorting to some excuse and depending on the government to pick them up when they fall, the situation in this country will never improve. Without independence and self-sufficiency there can be no freedom. True freedom requires hard work which is why it is so unpopular today!!!


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