International Resource Hi-Jacking

The scramble in on for resources to keep developed countries developed at the expense of the Third World.  All that’s required is a leader of a country that cares only for themselves:

Wish You Weren’t Here:  The Devastating Effects of the New Colonialists    The Independent, August 9, 2009    “A new breed of colonialism is rampaging across the world, with rich nations buying up the natural resources of developing countries that can ill afford to sell. Some staggering deals have already been done, says Paul Vallely, but angry locals are now trying to stop the landgrabs.”

A few weeks ago, we were writing here about the upcoming food shortage and how some believe the “speculators” will do to food what they have done recently to oil–sell it about 17 times before it reaches the consumer adding profits for everyone in between. 

With the anticipated shortages from droughts across the U.S., poor water management in California and other natural disasters, China, who only produces 5% of their own wheat is going to be looking for new ways to ensure their access.  The battle for our food as repayment of our “debt” to them may leave us all in a bind.

Yet this new idea of central economic planning that “gave” some of our automotive manufacturer resources to FIAT is likely the pattern of things to come in every economic sector. 

Where does this approach leave the African continent when their major benefactor has been the U.S. and other western countries?  Will they be forced to sell their land rather than their human resources now into a new form of “slavery”?


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