Mark of the Coming Beast – UPDATE

JagHunter put this Police Officer in touch with Free People and he has asked us about the meaning of it.  One commenter here said that blue is the color for the Police.  And we have heard of other types of markings, like a red dot on a mailbox for marking gun owners.  So it does mean something to the fascist, tryannists. 

As you know on our site, we like to take ACTION against tyranny wherever it is found.  JagHunter recommends reporting to your local police anything unusual like this and we agree.  Also please let us know know here so we can get the word out.  When we act boldly against tyranny, it diminshes their strength.  They rely on our fear to consolidate their power, but Free People know they must fight back in every little small way that they can–without fear. 



7 Responses to “Mark of the Coming Beast – UPDATE”

  1. A policeman would surely ask around, among other officers and should be able to find out whether or not there are other government tasks which include such stripes.


  2. Blue is the color of Police…

  3. Was wondering when they would start marking people…

  4. Isn’t this blue stake info for digging? Gas lines are marked in blue, water is a different color, and so is phone and cable.

    • freepeopleontheland Says:

      You have to request the digging for some purpose or be notified they need to dig. No such thing has happened. And note that he checked for other places marked the same way and it was someone he worked with. No one else had lines in the neighborhood. We do know that the Post Office in some areas has had their carriers place various colored dots on mailboxes to signify gun-owners, etc.

  5. blackwatch Says:

    What can we do abut te illegals being amoung the only ones work on building jobsites and road cnstruction sites?

  6. You will learn alot here with these questions:

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