Headlining Federal DomiNation

State takes extra steps to battle flu in fall
Deputizes dentists, others to help with vaccinations
Stephen Smith, Globe Staff, August 13, 2009

“Massachusetts health authorities took the unprecedented step yesterday of deputizing dentists, paramedics, and pharmacists to help administer vaccines against both the seasonal flu and the novel swine strain expected to make a return visit in the fall.”

Pentagon, governors face off over military reserve                                 By LOLITA C. BALDOR (AP) – 3 days ago
“The governors see the Pentagon move as a strike at state sovereignty, while the military justifies it as a natural extension of its use of federal forces.”

Homeland Security Expands Biometric Security Program
Global Entry program, which speeds international travelers through airport security checks, is expanding to more airports.
J. Nicholas Hoover, InformationWeek, August 14, 2009

“The Department of Homeland Security is expanding a pilot project that uses fingerprint scanners and kiosks to speed travelers headed overseas through airport security.

On August 24th, the Global Entry Trusted Traveler program will be available at 13 additional airports in the United States and Puerto Rico, bringing the total number of airports equipped with the technology to 20. The program is also available at airports in the Netherlands through a partnership.”

Air Force used Twitter to track NY flyover fallout

“According to the Air Force One documents released through the Freedom of Information Act, a unit called the Combat Information Cell at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida monitored the public fallout from the April 27 flight and offered recommendations for dealing with the fast-breaking story.

Formed two years ago, the cell is made up of as many as nine people who analyze piles of data culled from the Internet and other sources to determine whether the Air Force’s message is being heard.”

Police, sheriffs establishing regional intelligence center
Centers nationally have been target of complaints by civil libertarians.

Tony Plohetski, AMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFF, August 16, 2009

…”Authorities say the case — and dozens like it — highlights the need for agencies in Central Texas to routinely exchange data about crimes, trends and suspect descriptions, an information flow they think will help solve more cases and decrease duplicate policing.

Beginning next year, they plan to start doing so at a federally funded, multimillion-dollar intelligence center — one of dozens of such “fusion centers” across the nation.”

FPOTL: Fusion Centers make good, logical sense, but with Federal money, they will be working for the Federal Government and NOT the people.  You see, that was the INTENT of the BAILOUT money–Federal Government shakes down the American people and then BUYS the support they need to have TOTAL CONTROL!!

Obama team mulls new quarantine regs
Josh Gerstein, Politico.com, August 5, 2009
“The Obama administration is quietly dusting off an effort to impose new federal quarantine regulations, which were vigorously resisted by civil liberties organizations and the airline industry when the rules were first proposed by the Bush administration nearly four years ago.”

See Evictions, Quarantines, Seige HERE


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