Beck Takes the Real Issues Mainstream

There are so many different ways to slice and dice the two prevalent and emerging world views we have today:  liberal vs. conservative; religious vs. atheist; socialist vs. capitalist; communist vs. republic-an; pessismist vs. optimist. 

But the rub really does come down to a world view WITH GOD and a world view WITHOUT GOD.  Our Republic was founded on the deeply spiritual belief of each man’s equality and “inalienable rights” (though they DID make a serious mistake in not granting it to the slaves as well).  While there are many types of spiritual folks, most share a belief of something higher than themselves that created a world in which each person’s life (and even animals and insects for some) is to be held sacred and cherished. 

When this element is missing, when your world view is one of limitation, humans quickly devolve into animals and a “every man for himself” philosophy.  When we consider “prioritizing” things like healthcare to meet an ever dwindling budget, we enter into a realm that discounts the providence of a loving God.  Good gets left out and evil quickly fills the void. 

Yet decline of a currency is not the only perspective that creates the dilemma of evaluating the value of individual’s lives.  Some many even arrive at this conclusion from a lofty position of “noble bloodlines” commonly referred to as “elitism.”  This may be the most insidious belief system as it matters not which type of government is in place, it will seek ways to impose its policies until they have total control to carry out their “de-population” agenda.

But make no mistake, this is a battle for the consciousness, and soul, of mankind.  In pop culture, it might be deciding that the “hottest” ones should receive the greatest amount of resources over the less hotter ones.  We know there is very little “nobility” in this perspective.  But whether it is more or less valuable than the idea of “noble breeding” with its arranged marriages for political and economic gain, acceptable open marriage so they can still be with the ones they “love” or not, remains to be seen.

Over the decades, as America’s Republic served as a beacon of freedom to the world, the world’s elites (primarily of royal blood), seethed with disdain as their own public roles were increasingly diminished so they worked their evil agenda behind the scenes until such time the noose could be tightened for the desired outcome:  elimination of the masses they despise. 

To keep this discussion in the realm of politics alone is to devalue the very essence of what has made our country great for years:  our adherence to a code of morality and ethics that was admirable and resulted in such great accomplishments as we have been. 

Those days are gone with the emergence of this “limited” world view–one built on limited resources, greater central control, corruption, police state, suspicion and all the other depravities that stem from a world view absent a spiritual belief in God. 

Beck is saying as much as he can and even pushing those boundaries–finally and again since his show started.  We are thankful for his integrity in doing so.


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