National Guard Deployed Overseas

Remember how this all came about so innocently?  And how we were cheering for our federal government’s use of the National Guard for Iraq and Afghanistan (ok, not all of us).  Then they kept the National Guard units that returned under Federal control.  Now, they can handily get them out of the way while the foreign troops come here to round us up.


Below are a plethora of articles from the federalized National Guard showing their “training” that is out of country.

This is very worrisome.

By putting one of our lines of defense out of the country while there have been increased reports around the country of international troop movements in the US, this is an ideal situation to cause massive societal breakdown in the event of “terrorist” events and civil unrest. In short, those National Guardsmen actually care about this country and would come to its aid in an emergency, but if they are thousands of miles away, they can do nothing.

Several financial analysts including Harry Schultz are warning of an imminent bank holiday at the end of this month. There have been several reports from bank employees and friends and family of bank employees saying they are planning to “close down” for a few days at the end of this month or around the Labor Day weekend.

At the same time that we are having financial crisis, we also have continued drills with NORAD, NORTHCOM and all the alphabet soup agencies that DO NOT end. One drill starts at the end of another. Other agencies are drilling at the same time, most of those exercises not being announced or are announced after the exercise is complete. Couple this with the current World Health Organization “pandemic” level 6 with the Swine Flu and the US is effectively under United Nations control, with plans for forced vaccination this fall.

Meanwhile on Main Street America, people are shouting and becoming irate (and justifiably so) with “Obamacare” and corrupt Congressmen and women. Nancy Pelosi has linked those against Obamacare to Nazis and the full scale assault to finish off Free Speech is on.

I don’t have a crystal ball. But the chess pieces are falling into to place. It looks like they are planning to go “hot” with their plans for full scale chaos (to later bring in total control). If you haven’t gotten storable foods, bug out plans, whatever it be, NOW is the time to make them and be prepared to implement. Please read the following articles with that in mind. — SCMLA

Below are links to supporting articles:

Utah pilots train NATO AWACS crews in Germany

Connecticut deploys C-21 maintainers for the first time

North Carolina Soldiers bring clean water to rural Iraqis

Tennessee Guard trains with Romanian soldiers   

In addition to the Tennessee National Guard, the 2nd Stryker Calvary Regiment of Vilseck, Germany will train in Romania and Bulgaria as part of JTF-East until October.


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