Most BRILLIANT Info Yet Assembled

With the help of a FREE PEOPLE reader, we are pleased to present you with this compilation of information.  Please read, absorb and disseminate.

From the Art Lady:

My Friends, Brothers and Sisters,

This information is being sent to a large list for world distribution with the intent of reaching the leaders along with those with families which qualifies all Mothers & Fathers as leaders.  Please review this material and through wise discernment please forward this much needed educational information to those on your list. Any and all comment pro or con is appreciated and anticipated.  Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend ~ Proverbs 27:17  Please read the attached pdf from a 12 year sitting Federal Judge.

Adrian Salbuchi from Argentina begins a series of 10 minute videos with some specific ideas, proposals and suggestions regarding what each of us CAN DO to fight the coming World Government, irrespective of where you are, what you are doing… 

The Ascent of Money: From Bullion to Bubbles (a 4-part series) Outlook on the history of money and how it effects your life and where it comes from.  Please look into the mind set of people, what makes the minds of people tick to give these instruments value over another object in society:


“Laws of Land and Water”


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