Unnatural Disaster

Climate Change Excuse for US Military Intervention?

“Future climate change may force US military involvement abroad with Washington saying it has to intervene to defend power structures hardest hit by climate change.

“The aftereffects of the changes like wholesale population movements and pandemics would trigger conflicts that could dent local governments thus necessitating US military intervention, said the New York Times on Saturday quoting military and intelligence pundits.

“The interviewees raised concerns about ensuing ‘terrorist movements’ and regional destabilization. The daily said the changes could turn “sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and South and Southeast Asia” to actual flashpoints.”

The article wraps up with:

 “‘The demands of these potential humanitarian responses may significantly tax US military transportation and support force structures, resulting in a strained readiness posture and decreased strategic depth for combat operations,’ the body said.”

Keeping our military focused on needs elsewhere seems to be the primary goal for the current administration.  We have a very good idea why this is.


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