Swine Flu to Kill 100,000+

“Swine Flu Could Kill Hundreds of Thousands if Vaccine Fails,” Says CDC      By Thomas H. Maugh, II, Los Angeles Times, July 25, 2009

“Hundreds of thousands of Americans could die over the next two years if the vaccine and other control measures for the new H1N1 influenza are not effective, and, at the pandemic’s peak, as much as 40% of the workforce could be affected, according to new estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

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The above paragraph is the only truth to be found in the article.  It openly states their intentions while keeping up the pretext that the vaccine is really a “vaccine.”  We know this is not true.  We know it is impossible to have a real vaccine in place for a brand new flu in any less than one year’s time.  We know they don’t mind shipping out the actual “flu” via the syringes they label as a “vaccine.” 


Here is the brochure for the upcoming International Swine Flu Conference to be held in Washington, DC on Aug 19-21, 2009.

It seems they are posed, according to a listener to the Alex Jones’ Radio Show who works for the National Institute of Health, to “hit us with a massive biological false flag attack.”

“At the 1st International Swine Flu Conference, attendees will be able to draw on first-hand best practices to create the solid business continuity plans that their companies and organizations need in order to prepare for, respond to, and survive a pandemic.

For those who would like to be proactive on the mandatory vaccine issue, we received a few ideas from other readers: 

This site HAD links to the Vaccine Waivers for many states, but the links were quickly blocked by the not-so-fishy powers that be:  http://www.unhinderedliving.com/statevaccexemp.html

But this attachment makes one smile, at the very least.  Just give it to the Dr. giving you the vaccine and see what he/she says:  PhysicianVaccineAuth


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