More Unholy Alliances – Church & State

Religious Leaders Take Part In H1N1 Outbreak Drill
08/06/2009 04:25 PM, By: NY1 News

“‘We know that our temples, mosques, churches and synagogues draw large numbers of people. So we want to provide them not only with information but also get a sense of their capacity to handle emergencies to look at their particular situation,” said Deputy Brooklyn Borough President Yvonne Graham. “And that’s why I think this is unique because we’re going to do and help them develop strategies.”

“Organizers say the exercise was the first of its kind for the religious community.”

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Do you get the feeling the government/CDC and gang are reaching out to EVERY organization that you see on a daily basis and offering to help them get you to take the Flu Shot?  Walmart is selling them “merchandising space,” they are paying pastors to support their efforts in getting community cooperation.  The Police, Sheriffs, National Guard, military, schools, churches, stores, health departments, hospitals and all are involved in helping the government have their way with your liberty to reject a vaccine.  Oh!  And don’t forget the “neighbor spy” program where someone living on your street (or you have paid to do repairs in your home) are getting a little “bonus” for turning you in for any suspicious behavior. 

They may be forgetting, though, places where they could add the vaccine to the menu: restaurants.  How about a McDonald’s “Vax Special” where you get your shot followed by a bowl of chicken noodle soup and two aspirin?

Adding it all up, it looks like a large majority of folks are receiving government payments, kick-backs, incentives, etc. to force you to take the vaccine.


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