“Collusion” to Kill

More Evidence Revealing the Intentional Collusion to Create a Swine Flu Pandemic
Bill Lindner, American Chronicle, August 2, 2009

The Vitalis News article offers more evidence that Novartis Pharmaceuticals of Basel, Switzerland conspired with corrupt ’scientists’ at the U.S. Army Institute of Pathology in Ft. Detrick, Maryland — the same place the deadly anthrax was obtained from right after the attacks of 9/11 — to create a weaponized strain of influenza by reverse engineering the deadly strain that was intentionally unleashed on unsuspecting populations in March and April to intentionally create demand for the deadly vaccine being produced by Novartis. Ft. Detrick is home to thousands of deadly pathogens.

As previously noted, the ‘vaccine’ being produced by Novartis and Baxter et. al., will probably end up being more lethal than the Swine Flu and will produce more sickness and death. It appears that Novartis is being paid well for willingly carrying out the whims of the global elites and intentionally reducing the world’s population by conspiring to commit mass murder.

Novartis applied for a patent on a ‘Split Influenza Vaccine with Adjuvants’ on November 4, 2005. The U.S. patent office granted the patent to Novartis on February 19, 2009. Think about it. Why would Novartis apply for a patent for a specialized vaccine for an outbreak that hasn’t happened yet? You wouldn’t, unless you were planning to release — or had previous knowledge of — a specially bioengineered variation of a viral strain to be released.


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