Wouldn’t Change a Word of This

From one of the Oath Keepers in Southern California, this update is provided in its entirety in her own words:
After listening to both the KPFK interview and the 5 segments of the interview on Youtube which included Dr. Rebecca Carley, I have absolutely NO DOUBT, not ONE SHRED of doubt that this info MUST go VIRAL NOW!!!  Both of these women are incredibly courageous. Dr. Carley has been doing her level best to educate people about the dangers of vaccines for 12 years.  Both of them deserve medals.  Here is Jane Burgermeisters website:
She says we can find letters on her website to print up and take to our local police and sheriffs to educate them about this swine flu virus.  Both are big proponents of getting as many police personnel, sheriffs, and military to sign up for Oath Keepers and to KEEP THE OATH THEY TOOK in which they SWORE to uphold, defend and protect the constitution of the United States of America and therefor the PUBLIC.  I haven’t yet found the letters Jane Burgermeister referred to for printing and taking to police, sheriff’s etc.  I’ll keep looking.  If the mass vaccination of billions of people is stopped, it will not only be because of the efforts not only of Jane Burgermeister, Dr. Carley, other doctors and journalists, but it will also be the result of “we the people” stopping it. So far ‘we the people’ have not done much to stop Codex.
Perhaps successful resolution with this swine flu vaccine issue will lead to successful resolution for we the people with respect to Codex as well……………. 
MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THIS, THIS IS ABOUT SAVING LIVES, ALL OF OUR LIVES, ALL OF OUR KIDS LIVES. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. This makes 9/11 look like childs play……………………..UNDERSTAND we are talking about some really SICK, TWISTED, MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY CRIPPLED AND INSANE PEOPLE WHO ARE IN CONTROL.  There are only a few thousand of them.  For a long time they have had all the money and recently robbed the people of even more through all the bailouts, etc.  We’ve allowed them to have all the power.  Now is the time to change it and MAKE SURE NOTHING LIKE THIS CAN EVER HAPPEN AGAIN……………….I don’t know about anyone else, but I did not go through childbirth and bring our son into this world to have him face the horrors these sick, twisted people have been planning for over 100 years……………………………THERE IS NO ISSUE ANYWHERE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THIS ONE……………getting our police and military to uphold their oath is only part of the solution.  EVERYONE POSSIBLE NEEDS TO KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS SERIES OF 3 VACCINES they first want to coerce via propaganda to take and if that doesn’t work, they intend to MAKE THE VACCINES MANDATORY. No religious excuse allowed.  DO NOT BE FOOLED BY WHAT YOU HEAR ON TV OR READ IN THE NEWSPAPER ABOUT THE SWINE FLU.  The swine flu itself is  FRAUD, JUST ANOTHER OF THEIR GINORMOUS FRAUDS. FRAUD and treason is what these people are PARTICULARLY ADEPT AT. I am literally begging EVERYONE OF YOU TO LISTEN TO THESE 5 SEGMENTS OF THIS INTERVIEW.  It will be 50 minutes out of your life AND CAN LITERALLY SAVE YOUR LIFE.  Even if you only know a little about what’s going on today, regardless of  how much you have learned over the last 8+++ years, regardless of what you think YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS.  And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pass this on far and wide…..I am LITERALLY BEGGING YOU…………………I can only do what I can do.  The REST IS UP TO YOU. I PRAY WITH EVERYTHING I AM YOU MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION!!!!!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3B_g_ma0CBE – Part I
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzVRz-_2kwU&feature=related – Part 2
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OpTHm6N6rs&feature=related – Part3
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3ADm5K6Gc0&feature=related -Part4
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuAxV5OenjI&feature=related – Part 5

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