Question of Authority?


One Reader Asks:

I received this email from one of my Washington State Representatives.  He seems to know what he is talking about so it is good news if he is right.  Can any of you shed any light on this?  Is what he says true? 


Mr. Mouncer:

Thank you for your letter.

The WHO is an advisory organization and has no political authority in the United States.  No one person or committee in the United States government has the authority to enter into any agreement with the  WHO.  Should either two of these organizations declare a worldwide pandemic, they may issue a press release telling us about it, but that would be the extent of their actions. 

 These kinds of conspiracy theories use words like “very likely” and “take over all governments” They are fear mongering statements with no basis in fact.  The WHO website displays no epidemic in either country you mention, much less a  signed agreement, and there has been no such agreement drafted for the United States.  (See, urban legends and WHO website.)  I hope this information is helpful.–FF

 Fred Finn, State Representative, 35th Legislative District, 430 John L. O’Brien Building, Olympia, WA 98504-0600,, 360-786-7902

Our Response:

There is SOME truth to this.  It breaks down this way as far as we see it.  Bush signed/ratified the International Health Regulation, 2005 (as did almost 200 other countries) that granted the WHO the right to declare Level 6, Martial Law in the event of a global pandemic (spanning 5 countries).

 The question is if we are going to be ruled by the stroke of a pen or the legislative process our Constitution provides for.  It is clear the Democrats no longer have to worry about which way this goes as a Super Majority allows them to rubberstamp whatever the President wants to sign.

 Still, I believe this hostile takeover of our country is top-heavy and they use the media (every bit of MSM) to wage psychological warfare on us.  They talk of policies that are profoundly unconstitutional on a daily basis.  We must NOT buy into the “illusion” they can deliver on all their policies or we help them to put them in place.

 As the Executive Branch is the one that is to “enforce” our laws, we can see the fight is on for the hearts and minds of our peace officers and military who will be co-opted into believing the President has the “legitimacy” to enforce these unconstitutional policies.  

Thus the foreign troops compliments of the UN.  They have managed to bring in a large number of them and this poses a serious threat to our ability to withstand unconstitutional practices.  The other things they have at their disposal are the tricks the fascists can play on us.

 So, while your State Representative is right, the rubber meets the road when the balloon goes up as to WHO our uniformed folks think they must obey. 

This administration, which is a “government of the media” is bent on taking our country away from the Constitution and our Congress has not shown they have what it takes to reveal their real plans.  The Super Majority and coercion keep them from feeling they can fight this trend.  So, “to a man,” the question will be will be leave our “Oath” or follow the new trend away from it. 

The past few months have shown that if this administration can get the forces in place, they will force unconstitutional policies on us all.  At that point, paper means very little–unless it favors their agenda.


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