Blurring the Lines

Mercenaries Training US Local Police a New Trend, according to the Law Enforcement Examiner

“’Man-made and natural disasters require an immediate robust response. Blackwater Worldwide’s extensive training facility and staff of former military and law enforcement professionals can provide the needed training and operational expertise to prepare security teams to effectively support state and federal emergency response units,’ according to Blackwater’s mission statement.”

Full Article HERE

What happens when you take highly trained military soldiers and increase their pay substantially in the civilian world?  A soldier who had a conscience checks his conscience at the door and “only follows orders.”

This is one of the gravest mixture of our local police and others who can provide them training.  To a person who works for Blackwater, there is not much gray area–only GREEN–as in dollars and they will carry out their orders unlike an Oath Keeper who WILL NOT obey unconstitutional orders.


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